Mahmoud Hassan

  • Mahmoud Hassan (Trezeguet)
    This guy is seriously underpriced.
    He is currently ranked third on whoscored in the Turkish league with an average rating of 7.53. He has 9 goals and 9 assists in the league.
    In January he was linked with Lazio, Napoli and Roma in Italy, Stuttgart in Germany and links to Everton and wolves in the prem.. Leicester and inter Milan were linked the summer before.
    Today he has been linked with Lyon. A move to Lyon would be massive for his pb potential, as they are a high scoring team who often have Friday fixtures.
    An article from December ( shows he has completed more dribbles in the Turkish league than any other player. When ranked against the top 5 leagues, only Allan saint-Maximin and Lionel Messi have completed more dribbles (so he’s ahead of hazard and sancho.)
    He is 24 and of Egyptian descent. He’ll be partnering mo Salah in Egypt’s attack at the African cup of nations this summer, and he is definitely leaving his current team.
    The risk is that he joins a larger Turkish team, but my feeling is that if a French team comes in then he’ll jump at the opportunity (there is a significant African culture in French football, and society in general.) My feeling is that at Lyon he’ll be a £1 player within 6 months. Currently 30p

  • @NewUser137990 said in Mahmoud Hassan:

    My feeling is that at Lyon he’ll be a £1 player within 6 months. Currently 30p

    Certainly hope so & certainly will rise if & when a PB transfer happens - what could possibly go wrong???

  • Yep Lyon are interested in him but if not I can see him in a pb league next season regardless worth a nibble at price

  • tbf he's 33p and if he moves to a PB league and Lyon he could easily double in value so not the worst pump in the world... until he moves though i see no reason to risk? he's pretty low risk and shouldn't rise too much playing for a mid table Turkish team...

    On another note... didn't even realise Robinho was still banging the goals in????? what a side Basaksehir have?????

  • Had him on watch list for a while... His price is on the up now so I've got in with a few hundred.

  • Seems good research, I’m sold for a few hundred!

  • Interesting - however for exactly the same current price you can get - Mahmoud Dahoud ...check out his stats....

  • Ah, Mahmoud Hassan, how I've missed him...

  • The difference is that defensive midfielders like Dahoud have a low ceiling, attacking players don’t... Trezeguet is scoring plenty of goals and assists in an average mid table side. I can’t think of any examples top 3 whoscored players in their respective leagues who are playing in mid table teams.. Makes his stats even more impressive

  • I was on him at 19p; if he goes to £1 I'll be very happy indeed.

  • I’m such a sucker for a decent looking pump. In for 100 🤦🏻‍♂️

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