• Kolasinac surely worth having for a short term gain? Plays wing back and as 2 must win home games coming up. Really cheap at 37p.

  • @Pacer Frustrating hold to be honest. Always shown great potential but never really achieved anything so far (13 month hold).

    Then again, I thought the same about Rony Lopes yesterday....

  • Held kolsinac for ipd only, didn't win any in the time I had him, so I got rid and now I'm on koschelny not as cheap but has potential for a goal and could being pb if he does.

    Knowing my luck it'll be kolasinac's night, but as long as arsenal win that's the main thing

  • Can see him doing really well in the next 2 games. I was really surprised how cheap he his.

  • Kolasinac has 8 assists and 0 goals this season thus far.

    IPD's - 8p
    Flip cost - 6p
    = +2p

    So a 37p investment has returned a 2p profit.
    It isn't great, but if I were to speculate I'd say he'll improve.

    Adding a couple of goals and maintaining his assists will increase his ROI from 5% to 20% (possibly more if PB is included).
    I'm a Gooner and he's my defender of choice here. It's a very minor issue with confidence and belief when driving into the box - his decision making will improve and so could his fortunes on the index.
    The odds of PB wins and 100% appreciation are enough to maintain a long term interest for me.

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