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  • Hi everyone,

    New trader here (well about 6 weeks in). I was wondering how the MB points were determined? Looking at today for example, the trash that is the Daily Express that will publish almost anything, has produced 6 articles on Messi and delivered 300 points. The BBC produces one article and it only contributes 40? Today isn't a great example as Messi was always going to win it (and I hold so am happy). I have also noted the The Independent and the Guardian don't pick up that many points to go along with the BBC? But why are the awful tabloids weighted so highly?

  • @NewUser284339 there is a pinned post at the top of the forum, will explain all. All Things Football Index.

    It's long-winded, but it is complicated. That thread will answer your question and explain most other questions.

  • The @Misto thread that @Lukeroro is referring to can be found using the following link @NewUser284339 https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/5017/all-things-football-index

    I've copied and pasted the MB relevant portion for you below...

    Q- What is MB?
    A- MB is short for Media Buzz.


    MB pays out every day with 5p for first place when PB (performance buzz) games are being played.
    On none PB game days the top 3 places are paid as followed 3p for 1st, 1p for 2nd and 1p for 3rd
    Only the top 200 players are eligible to win MB.
    You have own the shares before 2pm to win MB on any given day.

    The article has to contain the players whole name as per Football Index. Eg “Ronaldo” wouldn’t score any points, "Cristiano Ronaldo" would score points. This gives a massive advantage for single name players on the Football Index, eg Neymar.

    RSS feeds from UK based news outlets are used to gather the articles for MB.

    News feeds that get scanned for articles with players names are:

    Talksport, UEFA. The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365, Goal.com, Huffington Post, Sky Sports.

    Some you will never see because they either don't use RSS feeds or exclusively use only players surnames.

    News relating to illegal activity doesn’t count, it may get added but will be manually removed. (most the time)

    Media Buzz is updated every 30 mins on average

    The formula:

    A sentiment score is used to measure the sentiment of the article. The more positive the article the more points it scores. The exact model used is AFINN-111. AFINN is a list of English words rated for valence with an integer between minus five (negative) and plus five (positive). The words have been manually labeled by Finn Årup Nielsen between 2009-2011.

    There is list of 2477 words and each world has a score of between -5 and +5.

    All the words are totaled and a formula applied to give the articles total score, some examples below:

    Win + 4
    Stunning +4
    United +1
    Loser -3
    Lost -3
    Losing -3
    Injury - 2

    A full list of words can be found here:


    Football Index adds up the scoring words, then adds 1 and times by 20 to get the final article score for positive articles.

    Eg: Paul Pogba enjoying (+2) life under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and celebrates(+3) win (+4) with new haircut.

    This article would have a total of 9. So we add 1 to get 10 then times by 20. Giving a total of 200.

    You can’t get a minus points article. If a article puts out a negative total score, you half it, flip it to a positive number and then add 1 and times by 20 to get the total

    Eg: Game abandoned (-2) after Harry Kane accidentally (-2) forgot his boots.

    This article would have a total of -4. So we half it -2 then make it a positive number 2 add 1 to get 3 then times by 20. Gives a total of 60 points.

    Interesting note. United give +1 which is part of the reason Manchester United player do so well with MB, because any article that has the club name in it gives them a plus 20 score boost.

  • @LukeMalla I need to update that to inculded the fact that words have been added that arn't on the original AFINN-111 list that Football Index started with. @Yellow found and worked out "victor" is worth 3 point. See here https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/6637/understanding-mb/24

    I worked out that "champions" is worth 2 point eg Champions league.

    Also I need to add punctuation marks like a apostrophe linked into a scoring word means the word doesn't score. eg Messi's goal was 'stunning' according to Misto. This wouldn't score because of the ' at the start of the scoring word. I guess the algorithm ignores it.

  • Very helpful. Thanks

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