Calculating profit %

  • Just wondering do many traders factor in withdrawals when calculating your profit %?
    I see lots of people on twitter and the forum showing their profit but nobody seems to be factoring in money withdrawn.
    II do anyway looks a lot better 😂

  • @BlayneB I use only the amount i have invested from my pocket and the current value of my portfolio, so if I'd put in 2k taken out 1k and my portfolio is 2k then my profit is 100% minus commission if i sell up.

  • same way FI did when they sent us that email after the split detailing our profit.

    (port value + balance + withdrawals) - total deposits

    although I do port value x 0.92 as sort of a worst case scenario if I had to IS (where im calling the spread about 6 % across reality its only high risk players like Pogba that have a 6% spread at times)

  • @Vespasian32 - out of interest does you calculation take into account 2% commision also?

  • @LABoxers85 yeh that's my 92% (8% towards commish and spread)

  • @Vespasian32 That's why i didn't write a % on commission, obviously the dream is market sell and 2%, but that's only possible if you could put everyone on market during some deposit bonus or similar, if it was a desperate sell off then 2% plus possible 8% more, so actually x90% .. similar to your 92%

  • @Vespasian32 - Cheers - my maths skills seriously lacking there today! haha

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