Do you understand why some players increase

  • Neymar continued to increase when he was injured but Mbappe decreased while scoring goals. And why Messi is only around 5 pound per share but there are players above him who are not fit to be mentioned in the same class.


  • its not about ability on the pitch.

    This isnt football manager. Its about MB and PB with IPD's thrown in.

    There's a bubble with young English players at the moment.

    then there are the MB kings who will be in the top 5 a Lot of days over the summer,
    Then there are the likely transfer moves.

    One thing to remember at the moment is we've just seen the end of P1 Bonus, and money has either come out of some big players, Or shares have been listed, reducing prices a bit. Those players should rise again.

    Neymar was still in the news while injured. Mbappe has only recently won Buzz.

  • Hi thanks for the attempted reply but I think all you have done is agree with me. I've never played football manager so I will take your word that it is not similar. You talk about a bubble for you English talent at the moment and that does not explain anything. And regarding speculation being the driver there was just as much speculation over Mbappe as Neymar. I know if Chong or Greenwood starts for United in the next 2 games there price will probably go up a pound a share but there is no real logic to this it is understanding how people react. Foden was a typical example of that.

    My point is that sometimes I can understand the driving force if not the rationality at other times I have absolutely no idea why a player is going up or going down. Felix for example is wanted by many top clubs and is playing and scoring and in the media but he has gone backwards.

    I have not invested anything yet as I struggle to understand the reason for certain players going up or down. Others are obvious whether I agree with them or not.

    The point I was asking is do others feel the same about certain players

  • it's a trading game played by irrational humans ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    (and to answer the thread title; yes, sometimes)

  • @NewUser285405 It wasn't an attempt to reply. I actually did

    I tried to point out that Mbappe doesnt win big dividends that others do, and Messi is lower as not in PL, over 30, and never likely to transfer.

    Neymar, even when injured gets press speculation and attention.

    But I'm sure you have your own thoughts on it

  • BTW

    Messi is 6 on the list

    those not in the same class include Pogba, Neymar, Hazard, Mbappe and Sancho

    i think we know why those are there :

    Media magnets, and All have potential transfers lined up. With the possible exception of Mbappe, but as he's the best young player in the world he will earn over the 3 years and defo move

  • @Munchie63 ok I do not want to argue with anyone I just wanted a deeper discussion than I think you replied. Or may be I did not explain myself very well. Either way I still think certain events go beyond logic or understanding at least mine may be you understand it better than I do and it all makes sense to you. If so I'm jealous.

  • @NewUser285405

    no mate, your right, it doesnt make sense.

    Matic or Busquest are experienced players, yet Rice is way pricier. Its the young English bubble, And the PL connection.

    similar with Messi. We know how good he is, but unless its a worldy like last night, he gets beat on MB by Pogba's haircut or Sterlings latest interview.

    At the moment I've given up looking for a pattern and am just on summer transfers and some U20/21's for the tournaments which I hope will rise, but are also in PB leagues.

    I think the older FI members are used to holding players for longer and earning those dividends. trend at the moment seems to be a lot of quick risers being sold within hours / days

    if we knew the pattern 9if there was one) we'd be laughing

  • In the long-term, it is the media and performance potential returns to drive the price.

    In the short-term, it may be a trend, a profit cashing out, a piece of news, a good game, a stupid interview, a new hair cut, etc. or just a pump&dump.

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