Fantasy football players learning curves?

  • Hi guys,

    Complete noob here. Avid fantasy football player with a consistent rank of top 20k in fpl and top 300 in tff most years. Was wondering about all those with similar interests, that, like myself, lacked an understanding of how this or any other market operates when you first started, how long you all took to get used to the nuances and how this all works?

    Does anyone care to share their biggest regrets or errors or steepest learning curves and what you learned off the back of that? Would be appreciative of any feedback, wisdom or understanding. Barely a week in and i feel like im like a kid with a casual interest in football trying to play fantasy football against sharks at the moment, being on the other side of that in the other place the majority of the time, i know its a bad place to be. Iv made so many errors and have been totally blind trying to predict this market so far, the only thing that has kept % in the green is the fact i spread so thin and 20% of total spend is in greenwood. Did you all have a concrete strategy when you came on or did you all realise you had to adapt and change in various ways as soon as you joined?

  • This is a very bad first week the market is going up and down through the bonus so don’t really worry will all sort out , my one biggest advice would be never panic sell this will sound basic but everyone panics from a drop and does it but always remember you have a player for 3 years and they are sure to summit at least a couple times so don’t let a minus make you sell is my biggest Advice .

    Another big one is trust your gut missed out too many times don’t hold back

  • Read the all things football index pinned post, watch the tutorials, read the forum and be patient. We all made mistakes at the beginning and it’s probably one on the quickest ways to learn.
    My advice is that player selection on fpl and fi are quite different so don’t rely on that.
    Familiarize yourself with the pb matrix if you wanna concentrate on pb players for divs.
    I’m sure other traders will give you good advice here but always do your own research on players anyway. 99% of traders wanna help all the newbies here.
    Good luck and happy trading 👍🏻

  • think about it as a market first, a stats based game like FPL second.

  • My biggest regrets was thinking i was being patient but in hindsight not patient enough. Research youre players and the platform thoroughly and stick to youre guns and remember youre reasons gor youre selections. The more you change things around the more commission you pay and yhe more growth you miss out on

  • Thank you for all your feedback guys its greatly appreciated

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