Van de Beek

  • Those guys who sold van der beek will realise there was no need to sell as his price will now start to rise again.. .... cup final weekend and then tottenham.. . Linked with PSG amongst others.

  • @Zola25 I've held van de beek more or less since I joined FI and wont be selling yet. No disrespect but i dont think you needed to post telling people they made a mistake. I'm sure they sold because they were happy with the amount the player had reached and wanted the profit to reinvest. Its what the platform is all about. When van de beek reached a price I believe he is capable of I'll also be selling, the same as with any player.

  • @Stevo

    Agreed. Im relatively new too.. .3 weeks.. . And imo definately one to keep hold of atm.. . But like u say.. everyone do what they require no pr9blem : )

  • what about those who bought ealry, sold at a big profit, and then waited for the price to drop before topping up again ?

    There;s a big difference between profit on paper and Actual profit.

    And who's to say where that profit line is drawn.

    Your post seems like a bit of a dig but everyone has their own margin. I can see you joined 18 days ago though so I tip my hat to your experience

  • @Stevo
    Totally agree, I sold out at 130% ROI and I was very happy with the return.

  • @Zola25

    Ajax winning 4 0 cup final... solid performance v d beek. ..

  • @Zola25 yes. we get you like him and feel he is a good investment. No need to pump him.
    The posts below point out those in much earlier made more, could sell, and buy back after the slide.

    pump pump pump

  • @Munchie63

    Lol relax man.. . He dont need pumping.. . Spurs are linked with him as erikson replacement. .. people invest after researching themselves .. we not kids here are we

  • True he don’t need pumping unlike some of the garbage pumps here.

  • I'm a Spurs fan and we got 2 chances of signing VDB, bob hope and no hope😉

  • @Gazz127 With Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona all sniffing around I think Chelsea have more chance and we can't buy anyone . Spurs can have their choice of cheapy Chelsea clear outs though, Morata, Abraham,Higuain.Geroud,Moses,Pedro,Willian,Aina,Brown, R James, K Hazard,Musonda,Pasalic and D Sterling to name a few.

  • @Earshavewalls Kylian Hazard has just been confirmed now a Bruge player soSpurs have missed out on him.

  • @Earshavewalls That all sounds so depressing lol😪😪😪😪

  • @Gazz127 Mad especially as we are lumbered with the old donkeys out of them. Abraham at Villa has been amazing, Morata is a dud, but the rest all have goals in them. Not to mention CHO, RLC and Barclay if he gets his act together. Unfortunately Spurs new ground may temper their spending again this transfer window unless they sell old glass ankle to United and dip into the Chelsea overflow mentioned. Now CL is confirmed for both Chelsea and Spurs they both need Strikers but whereas Chelsea have an array of talent out on loan Spurs I fear will need to splash some cash if they have any.

    I think VDB will be a unlikely a Spurs or Chelsea player next season.

  • @Earshavewalls As for CL well done on that by the way.

    I thought the only way we'd get it was for others slipping up as our form is out the window.
    The fact we have done it loosing 13 league games is quite amazing and hardly deserved to tell the truth but hey ho I won't complain.

  • @Gazz127 Yep congrats to your team too let's hope we get some decent strikers in and give it a go next season. Without appearing like I'm gloating but I feel we have a pool of youngsters that if Sarri stays and we shift some deadwood he will give a chance especially if we can't sign anyone. Spurs however appear a little more limited. Now I say appear because I have no idea of what talent you have in the youth system nor out on loan but from the outside looking in it seems that not many are being touted. However Poch is happy to give youngsters a chance and if you do have any lurking he may have to integrate them into the first team as cover for Kane,Son etc unless he makes a big signing in the summer. There was some talk of Batsyshui maybe but he has lost his way and is actually another of our players out on loan. Maybe Lukaku could do a job for you. with UTD not in CL and the unrest there it maybe CL will tempt him at the right price. If Chelsea were able to get their ban lifted I wouldn't mind him back at the Bridge.

  • DVB looks like an impressive FI player with the potential to be a very solid PB contributor if he moves to a PB league. If I'm not mistaken I think he has taken dividends in both of Akax's last 2 games in the Europa. If he sweeps a 3rd tonight what do people think will happen to his price? Is it already close to his top end or do you think there is still room for growth? Personally I think there is plenty of room for growth but interested to get the thoughts of others

  • I think there's definetly room for growth this summer especially if he has a good game tonight as transfer links will only increase as will price and then he might dip when he moves as people wait for the pb data to come in.

  • Ziyech has a better pb than van de beek. He is my only Ajax player as I sold Neres to market after all lot of thought.
    I’m not sure van de beek even moves he could stay another year.

  • @Tom77 he is also older whereas VDB is only 22 so he has plenty of room to mature and improve. Ziyech Is at his peak and although he may have a better PB score on average he hasn't won as many dividends as VDB and he probably isn't going to have the same media attention. If Ajax end up getting to the final against Liverpool and VDB plays well in both games I can see him getting up around the 2.50 mark. Whether he will stay there or drops back down though I think that will be dependent on what happens to him over the summer

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