Van de Beek

  • @Archer22 Non-PB league, probably will drop further unless there's transfer buzz (which there should be). Keep holding and he'll make gains over the summer.

  • @Archer22 I sold him after that spurs goal went in. I took a good profit expecting him to drop which he has. I am going to get back on him soon, just waiting for the right time. Im confident he will rise again. Dont panic.

  • It's highly likely that he'll end up at top European club. Not just in a PB league, but at a major Champions League club.

    He's one of the best young midfielders in Europe and that's based on actual performances versus high quality opposition, rather than just hype.

    The question is will he move this Summer or next? I hope it's this Summer, but if not, I'll hold for a year.

    I've flipped him successfully three times since January and bought back in after his priced tanked when Spurs beat Ajax. Just waiting for it to bottom out before I top-up.

  • Take it hes stopping at Ajax for the moment judging by the continued price tank! Looks like a longer term hold than planned.

  • Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid and Spurs all linked to him in the last few days, but he could decide to stay at Ajax until Summer 2020.

    If Utd are serious about returning to the promised land, they should be targeting young players like this who could give them 5-10 years good service and still be sold at a profit, not some of the garbage old players I've seen them linked to recently.

  • One I've looked at - primarily linked with a move abroad thought, rather than the promised land of the PL.

    For that reason, I'm happy to potentially miss out - once the risk/reward factor was weighed up.

  • @Archer22

    I sold mine on a profit during semi final.. . But keep hold if i was you

  • Hes been offered a new ajax contract according to report but doesn't mean hes going to sign it. If de jong, de ligt, ziyech etc all go then then hes likely to fancy a new challenge and a larger wage packet as well.

  • @Stevo yeah I saw that and also apparently he was interviewed after the last game and asked about his future. He replied with the stock answer of I am happy at Ajax but who knows what the future holds. As you say if the team is gutted and all the key players leave it will be hard to imagine he's going to stick around

  • What do you guys think regards to Donny? Has he bottomed our now?

  • It is frustrating although I sold half my holdings in him.
    it maybe is 50/50 if he moves on or not but not so many stories circling around him leaving.
    Class player and would add to any team imo.

  • @Failtips hard to tell, most leagues have finished so it's all about media. His been offered a new contract and if he signs then he may well drop further being in a non PB league.

  • I think he will stay and leave next year, de jong, de light, ziyech, neres all leaving cant see another one.

    Buy in a month or so for next year maybe

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