U21 Tournament

  • Is this competition high profile enough to make some decent cash on if selecting the right players? Just been doing some research and found some who look like they could have a good tournament at cheap prices but not sure if they will end up moving anywhere high profile after the competition.

  • They just need to be linked to a pb league increase in price

    You won't be getting MB dividends from them, but with a lot of cheaper players, you have more chance of significant appreciation with little risk.

    My tactic is not to get the next Messi for a 3 year hold, but to buy cheap, get a 30-50p per share increase, then sell on and prepare for new season.

    I am only small fry, so am just buying 3 I fancy to increase and I'll buy 100 futures each. If it works, I'll have 90-150 quid, which is fine profit for me for a short tournament.

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