Is anyone actually buying players?

  • I have got 5 players in the sell queue and not one of them has been sold yet.

  • @Sinex82 said in Is anyone actually buying players?:

    I have got 5 players in the sell queue and not one of them has been sold yet.

    How long have you had them in the queue? It has taken over a week to sell some of my players in the past

  • @CraigM About 5 days now

  • @Sinex82 If they are top 10-20 players they should move soon enough, but hard to know as those with price drops are probably due to larger sell queues. At least you are being patient and not giving in to the IS

  • Which players?

  • No one is going to buy anybody unpopular.
    The hardest thing on this platform is to sell when everyone is buying and your green is up but that is the best time to sell.

  • I have been buying quite a few but I only buy the cheap players as I'm a cheapskate :-)

  • I wont name players but 4 out of the 5 are in the top 25.

  • @Sinex82 If the reason you are selling is because they are losing value then that should answer itself mate, would you be buying other players that are dropping off ??

  • @Sinex82

    One of easiest times to sell those players will be just before they play their next match - even better if it is a mid week fixture with very few matches being played.

    I tend to sell in the morning or afternoon before my player is due to play. Yes, I'll miss out on any dividend opportunities that day, but the sale price is usually slightly better.

    But the end of the April Bonus on Tuesday and subsequent sell off on Wednesday has probably lengthened most of the sale queues, so normal patterns may not apply this week.

  • @Andy-M They dont really seem to be losing value at all, they are just static. I am selling because I only messed around with a few hundred quid a few months ago and I have made a small profit of a £100. I'm happy with that and over the summer im planning to keep a few low risk players who I think will make the move over to a PB league.

    Its just a little hobby for me :)

  • I put 5 players in the queue yesterday to free up some funds. 2 have gone 1 is top of queue and 2 haven’t budged. I still hold all the players just wanted to reduce shares in them.
    In that order

  • @Gregolocky2018 vlasic? Tell me that was a drunk mistake?!

  • @Vespasian32 why I sold him yesterday or why I hold him in general ?

  • @Gregolocky2018 why you just jesting... But of all the cheapie bubbles lately he is one of a few I kept. Hasn't really rocketed yet but surely will when he either stays with Everton or potentially loan/transfer to a PB league
    Silva has said he plans on using him... Not only is a he a very good player but he also fits the PB metrics as a winger/playmaker who will get g n a and be involved in a lot of buildup play.

  • @Vespasian32 I agree with all you say, I still hold over 400 in him. Just needed to free up some funds and I had a profit on him already.
    It’s a tough decision to sell anyone imo.

  • I just keep topping up Youcef Atal...its extremely tedious.

  • @Gregolocky2018 yeah same boat to be fair... I just listed 1500 shares across 5 players... nearly in tears, but Im not depositing money in this down turn so like you having to shift around my port.

    Barrellla and Oyarzabal my most painful ones

  • @Vespasian32 better to sell on the up as we know 👍🏻. I’m same I’ve reached my limit of deposits now, so it’s time to start wheeling and dealing instead of just stockpiling like I was 🤦🏻‍♂️.
    Debating wether to top up on Maddison ( small holding atm ) or Brewster ( just over 100 )
    I’m thinking Maddison before he gets in the England squad in the summer

  • im on both of those... Brewster is my banker - I missed out on Greenwood but got in 500 early on Brewster. He goes a bit up and down but generally up and can pretty much guarantee at some point next year he will be £3.50 plus just through virtue of breaking into the squad... then when he scores or gets in England squad etc... all likely in next 3 years... should be easy money

    Maddison is starting to show some real PB potential with his free kicks and being the key playmaker... with Rodgers hopefully playing more progressive football than his predecessor. MB inevitable too as you say England cap and at some point Jan or next summer he is going to Spurs or Utd

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