Anyone else on Toni Lato or Federico Dimarco?

  • Picked up a few sub 40p players the other day, Lato and Dimarco included, what are people’s thoughts on their potential?

  • IM on Lato, should be a starter next year if Valencia’s current left back moves on

  • Lato has been highly touted for a few years... but he has Gaya ahead of him who is awesome and also very young. Is Lato linked with a move? Or is Gaya? If not that's a risky one.

    Di Marco is a better pick... returning to Inter could fight for a place .. isn't Asamoah about 150 yrs old now? And was never really a fullback/wingback anyway.

    That said - defenders are generally not that exciting and Serie A definitely isn't exciting... not good for PB or MB.

  • I hold both Lato and Dimarco. Both do well at PB for their price and have big potential to get more game time next season, which raises their visibility to others.

    Lato is unlucky to have come through in a team that already had Gaya, but he's still very highly rated. Lato himself has had tenuous links to Barcelona, but it's more likely Gaya will leave and Lato will become a regular. Gaya has recently been linked with Athletico Madrid, which makes Lato a no brainer for 31p.

    Dimarco is an interesting one. On loan from Inter, only 21. I don't think he'll make it at Inter yet, although he did score this thunderbastard against them earlier in the season:

    He's been unlucky to have missed a chunk of the season through injury, but he is apparently being followed by other Serie A clubs. He also got called up by Italy for a training camp (along with other promising youngsters), so he obviously has something and 25p represents an extremely low risk gamble.

    In terms of PB, Lato scores an average of 1.1 per minute and Dimarco 1.2 per minute, that is good going for their age and game time and easily eclipses other youth who are considerably more expensive.

    Plenty of potential in both, I would say.

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