Josh & Jacob Murphy

  • As a Norwich fan, excuse me if my judgement is clouded on this one, but I see a lot of value in these two.

    Both left NCFC for 8 figure transfer fees in the last 2 years after hugely impressive seasons in the Championship. Jacob had 9 goals and 8 assists in 2016/17, while Josh had 11 goals and 3 assists in 2017/18.

    With Josh looking set to return to the Championship with Cardiff and Newcastle loaning Jacob to West Brom this season, it is possible both could be back in the Championship next season.

    Josh is currently 33p and Jacob 15p. If they can restablish their form of a year or 2 ago, those prices seem incredibly low.

    Would be interested to get peoples thoughts?

  • I tend to buy Champ players moving up to the Prem, not Prem players moving down to the Champ...

  • @Vespasian32 I get that and not expecting overnight profit. But in a successful team, where they are scoring and assisting most weeks, surely there is the potential for those values to be 2x, 3x, even 4x what they are now?

    Maybe my lack of FI experience is getting the better of me, but over 12-18 months my gut says a decent profit.

  • @Klobo if Jacob Murphy doesn't stay with Newc this year … that tells me he will never be a solid premier league player - it's not like he's a teenager. He might at some point find a nice fit and end up like Andros Townsend sort of level... which isn't bad.

    But in FI terms you will be sat on some very stagnant money for a long time. Go against your heart and follow the money... summer MB means any big players in sagas will make money.

    Or go and find a player in a non PB league moving to a PB league that suits the scoring system. Players from Belgium, Portugal, Holland etc

  • they were the next generation.. seem to remember them in a U18's FA Cup match at Forest and they destroyed us... what happens often in football though is the following...

    player A does well in the youth team
    player A gets over-hyped as the worlds best superstar
    player A then gets league debut
    player A has quiet spell and after a few sub appearances folk suggest maybe he's not all that
    player A comes on in Rumbelows Cup match (other brands available) and scores a goal
    player A breaks into the team and again hes the worlds next best superstar
    player A has a good season nearly scoring double figures and alerting a few big clubs in the process
    player A gets told by Agent an average Premier League club is prepared to triple his salary
    player A moves, fails and sits on the bench before disappearing into obscurity
    player A then gets sent on loan to mid table second tier team
    player A isn't wanted by mid table second tier team because his attitude stinks
    player A goes back to bench warming
    player A comes on in Rumbelows Cup match (other brands available) and scores a goal

  • @Vespasian32 Thanks for the advice. I'll put that idea down to lack of experience!

  • @dannypea what ever happened to player B?

  • @dannypea got an upvote from me just for mentioning the Rumblelows Cup & plugging "Player A" so much...

    I'm in for 100 shares 👍

  • @Ericali

    The rumbelows was good but the Anglo Italian cup was where all the action was the glory days of losing to the mighty cremonese

  • I think Jacob @ 15p is worth a punt..

    If he leaves NUFC for championship his price will likely stay the same.

    If he leaves for prem team his price will surely rise.

    Even if he stays then he could see an increase as he will at least be at a PB eligible club

  • @Gregolocky2018 thats his twin brother right??? ;-)

    same again!!!!

  • @Hammer81 i never knew how anyone qualified for the Anglo Italian Cup (other than being Italian or English)... how did the teams get picked????

    That said... a team across the Trent from us named Notts County made Wembley their second home with that competition!!! Reminiscing on great days ahead of tomorrow which will probably be their worst in history.. and get this.. they only went and won it!!!

    YES.. a team that tomorrow will be relegated to the National League only went and beat a side (Ascoli) that had German legend Oliver Bierhoff upfront!!!!! This after they lost to Brescia 1-0 the year before in the final that had Gheorghe Hagi in the team!!!

    Bloody marvelous days!!!! #bringitback

  • @dannypea
    No idea but knowing west ham back then the main criteria would probably have been being a bit crap and being in the old division 2

  • This post is deleted!

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