Canadian with withdrawal Issues

  • Hey there fellow Investors, I have recently decided that I wanted to withdraw my money from the website. However unknowingly to me my bank will not accept deposits from offshore gaming website such as FI. I have been in contact with FI support via email over this and nothing has been resolved, they basically just keep responding with the " we need iban / swift #" over and over even though I've told them on multiple occasions that Canadian banks do not use those numbers. I have contacted my bank and they refuse to lift the ban on receiving the cash as well. Does anyone have any idea's how I can resolve this issue? I've looked into gift cards etc, I have idebit instadebit accounts as well but FI apparently refuses to use either of these as withdrawal options.

  • @NewUser202451 I'm in the UK so definitely not a 100% answer but Just did a quick Google, the Swift is also known as your BIC number - from what I can see Canadian banks should have this.....

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