Buying players for single match days in advance.

  • Anyone use tis technique? For instance Bonaventura of Milan has a good shot of being top midfielder for Monday and is currently 39p also remy Cabella is playing in the only eligible game on Friday 10th. I'd also fancy his chances. My question is, Is it worth getting on them now with the plan of selling on game day when they pick up a bit. Or is it not worth it, anybody use this technique?

  • @Chickenman i did it yesterday and bought 190 lacazette, so it paid off well this time, but it's a risky game, if they play bad or get injured you'll make a loss

  • @Chickenman bonaventura has been our for months with a serious injury mate. Even if he was back I cant see him suddenly being great again.

  • @Stevo good job I asked the question before going ahead and hoovering him up then ey? 😂😂

  • @Chickenman Haha yes. I only know because I had a few hundred of him when he got injured so he dropped quite a bit. He was a decent PB player but think hes a good few months off a return. May look to buy again for next season.

  • Tried it with Suarez this week. He scored, went up 5p, his spread was ridiculous so couldn't IS and then when the Messi show happened, he dropped to - 8p and hasn't recovered.

    I am praying for him to smash a hat trick before the end of the season so I can get some money back.

    In summary, risky and learn from my mistakes and only do it for players who might have something else about them should they not get PB

  • @Chickenman capella is always decent though.

    Personally not a fan of buying players just for single match days though cos you often see a drop before you receive any possible dividends anyway.

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  • @Stevo Yeah the plan would be to sell them off before the game starts, as other people are looking to get in on it. May be a bit risky though

  • @Chickenman Definitely worth a punt on players between 30p - 70p with 1p or 2p spreads, not everyone's cup of tea but beats putting a tenner on at the bookies.

  • @Chickenman for what it's worth, my advice would be now to plan for next season by buying decent PB players whilst they are cheap. It will take more patience but theres so many decent players around the 50-60p mark. Not saying they are guaranteed to rise but players such as Sergio canales, Leandro paredes, axel witsel are bargains if you ask me and I've been stocking up. In particular I cant believe miralem pjanic at 77p.

  • @Andy-M so like my example of cabella on a single game day. In a weeks time, highest average pb score of the players playing. At 42p with a 1p spread. How much of a rise would you expect on game day?

  • @Moukoko I used to do the same for Benzema, stuck on him for a while and finally got out at breakeven. These old guys will keep decreasing; he can give you some hope if he bangs a hattrick, but the day after, he will get back to his slow and gentle track to the South.

  • @Chickenman Well I wouldn't particularly do it like that, I'd get on a player pre match that's not risen recently and wait for something to happen during the game, a goal on a 30p player could bring a 6p rise which is an incredible 20% minus spread and commission, but it's difficult to pull off, the good thing is it's normally very low risk if it's not working out, you can then decide if you'll hold till next game and try again or just dump with minimal losses.

    Ask @C-Arroyo it's more his style mate.

  • I did it a lot pre split where the. Surge in price was quicker so covering spread and commission was easier. Not so much now....if you playing the ipd game it feels more like u shud hold for at least a few games and try and win some actual g n a before flipping... Which is probably a good thing for the market but hard to just get in and out for big money

  • What a lot of people are missing. Is you want to sell BEFORE kick off for a profit and not gamble the game goes your way.

  • @Misto this is exactly what I was getting at. Buy a week in advance. Sell up before kick off while other people are buying......

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