• Making this chap my first 3 year hold. Has been German captain for the u17s, 6 ft 2, and being compared to Kane and Klose.

    Joins Bayern in July and I expect will be loaned out to another German side for a year or 2. Already scored a couple of goals in the Bundesliga.

    Seen as a natural successor to Lewandowski, and turned down Chelsea a few years back.

    Only bought 20 futures(as already deposited for this month), but I am going to add little bits at a time.

    Credit to Indexical- when I had a look on the forum for mentions, they had mentioned him last year.

    The move to Bayern is tasty indeed, but he's not going to be a squad player for a while.

  • If I were you (and I've had him a while) sell as soon as he goes to Bayern. His price will go up and then fall once people see that his not gonna be playing for them any time soon. He can't even get into the Hamburger squad in the 2nd tier right now. I'm 4p up but gonna sell as soon as his price goes up some more as I'm not sure he'll make the grade.

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