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  • Eddie Howe very pensive in his press conference today regarding Fraser. “Very limited things to say on Ryan’s future”
    Mentioned all the usual “he’s under contract and so I’m planning with him in the team” type stuff that usually means nothing in the long run.
    Fraser is moving away from Bournemouth this summer and I can only imagine it’ll be to a top 6 side.

  • Or sit it out & go on a free.

    Fraser himself said he's happy to stay at Bournemouth next year.

  • @Jamie8 Agree, he's only got 1 year left and Bournemouth aren't going to become the type of club he wants to join the the next 12 months so he will move on is the chance arises, if not expect him to play and get more MB as he approaches Bosman time

  • @Ericali I don’t think he’ll sit it out. This season was the season of his life, and on a personal note he can secure a contract at Arsenal for example. Whereas he may not want to risk having a poor season under the spotlight this year and lose his chance at the big time. Also, Bournemouth will want to sell.

  • @NeaviePops23 only way I can see him staying is some new owners (rumours of Qataris sniffing around the club) who are willing to pay him a huge salary and fork out to build a strong future for Bournemouth. Unlikely. Also, due to Howe’s tendencies to keep his cards close to his chest, I feel like Fraser will get a very decent amount of MB from speculation throughout the summer media madness.

  • @Jamie8 said in Ryan Fraser owners:

    @Ericali I don’t think he’ll sit it out. This season was the season of his life, and on a personal note he can secure a contract at Arsenal for example. Whereas he may not want to risk having a poor season under the spotlight this year and lose his chance at the big time. Also, Bournemouth will want to sell.

    Do you REALLY think Fraser will go to Arsenal or any top side? 🤔

    I mean really??

    I understand we all play a game on here & have money in our own assets which we have bought & it's in our interest to pump the player as much as we can, get others on board & push the price up as high as it can possibly go. But really? Ryan Fraser?

    I just don't see it. Think he's playing well above his level at a Bournemouth already.

    He's gone up about 50p in the last 2 months - how much blood can you get from a stone?

  • Do arsenal really command that much respect in the premier league anymore. They Don't really buy from other prem clubs much. Doubt Fraser is that desperate to go.

  • @Ericali 2nd to only Hazard in Europe in terms of assists. Also scored 7 to add to that. Seen some stats that I’ll try to link about his expected assist actually being higher than he’s got because Bournemouth spurn so many chances he creates. He’s created the most in the PL this season. This is all in a pretty poor Bournemouth side. No player has missed more big chances than Callum Wilson in the PL this season and still Fraser has assisted to him 10 times this season I believe. Why would Arsenal not want him?

  • @LuaLua it’s not about Arsenal, more about Bournemouth. Still a very small club with limited resources. Think Ake will outgrow them soon too. Arsenal offer the money.

  • @Ericali Very surprised to read that msg from you mate, why would big clubs not want Ryan Fraser?? He's been excellent all season, I'd take him at Manchester United without blinking.

  • @Andy-M Only Liverpool and City in the top 6 have no need whatsoever for a winger like him. Of course Chelsea can’t sign him but I could see him improving any of Arsenal, Spurs or United.

  • @Andy-M
    No way would we take Fraser at United. We’d continue the trend of us being a laughing stock. He’s great at Bournemouth let him stay there or even better join arsenal 🤣

  • @DavidMUFC1987

    Man Utd will continue that trend for years to come.

    It's because the expectations are too high. It's not good enough for Man Utd to win the Europa or aim for Champions League qualification. Anything but the Premiership title and United will be classed as under performing.

    It's like Pogba this year. When he was bossing the league a few months back, everyone with a Man Utd shirt touted him as the best thing since sliced bread. The second Man Utd started losing... it's all his fault. Luke Shaw picked up the Man Utd player of the year lol.

    It's not just Man Utd. Same thing happened with Messi last week. Even though in the game he played 5 key balls that should have resulted in goals, and even though places like WhoScored gave him the best rating for any Barcelona player... because he didn't score... people were slagging the hell out of him.

    Man City, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal... some of the absolute best clubs in the world but because United dominated for so long... any season where they aren't bossing the league, they are a humiliation.

  • I haven't really seen him play much but 7 goals and 14 assists at a team like Bournemouth is pretty great.
    That's top 30 in the world for GnA combined.
    He's been involved in 40% of Bournemouth's goals. He's probably top fifteen in the world on that stat.
    Nothing to be sniffed at.
    I do not hold.... Maybe I should.

  • @Dan-The-Man
    It’s not only the expectations, it’s the boring football, the awful signings, the lack of effort, players who think they’re too big for the club, this is going too take years too rectify.

    Luke shaw winning player of the year was a joke I agree, I don’t think I’ve seen him do a sprint all season the fat little fucker. He’s a liability like the whole back 4.

    I want the following out ASAP

    Young (he’s been a great servant too the club but he’s no right back)

  • @DavidMUFC1987 And why is Fraser not good enough to improve this awful side? Would love to hear your opinion on the strong Dan James rumours

  • @LuaLua taken a dip recently too. Now’s a good time to buy.

  • @LuaLua you don't hold for a reason - back that judgement.

    Form is temporary, class is permanent. 👍

    @Andy-M c'mon Andy we are going backwards if we sign the likes of Ryan Fraser - we want to try to progress not regress.

    He's having a good season - as people have mentioned on this thread, he has to go this transfer window as he may not get another attempt at an Arsenal or whoever.

    The reason being - he isn't that good. He's never going to repeat this form as he's bang average & that's why he was 50p cheaper 2 months ago.

    If I held (which I can assure all I don't) I'd be getting out while the going is good.

    My opinion. 👍

  • @LuaLua Obviously has a glass ceiling too as he’s Scottish and not too young. But I expect a hefty summer increase.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 a kindred spirit on Luke Shaw - I think he shiiiiite too! 😁

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