Will players rise again?

  • I bought players for the summer bonus but only on the last day. Seen a 3% fall in my portfolio since then. Will the likes of hazard and Virgil van dike rise again (currently £0.22 and 0.33 down respectively). If they will how long term would I have to keep my investment? I’m worried about keeping in my money and keeping losing money

  • Who the hell can answer that!! There's a million different outcomes would u agree

  • Aslong as the index on a whole is growing then yes they will more than likely recover and surpass there previous prices, just comes down to patience.

  • The likely outcome is yes they will rise.
    Past week has been a bit all over the place with the index with the market showing no real direction so hard to read.
    Just choose
    your buys wisely.
    We are heading in to close season but some players are in tournaments and many players linked with transfers so just do your research and read forums but don't believe everything you read😉

  • Van dijk will. people likely just taking money out of him to focus on summer transfer targets and mb he will likely rise at the start of next seaon.

    Hazard is dropping because he might move to real madrid and that would mean he wouldn't get as many media buzz divs.

    Hazard might net you a lot of divs come summer tho with media buzz but it might not be wroth it as he'll drop if he moves.

    He could also go to real be a pb beast and one of the top three players in the world as he has the potential to be and then he'll rise again.

  • @NewUser151265 you could have tried to answer it and advise of your previous experiences when players drop in price. The guy is looking for guidance which is the purpose of the forum isn't it ?

  • @NewUser315189 You’ll be alright in time but just a tip. Never buy players during the last couple days of some sort of bonus period.

  • @Earshavewalls u are correct I meant wat i said but I should said it slightly differently I will try mind on nxt time

  • There are only 7 players that are capable of rising again.

  • @Chris-J u my friend haven't got a clue wit u er speakin abt

  • 0_1556999990540_Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 20.59.30.png

    then theres gabriel

  • @NewUser315189 Nobody can tell you how long you have to wait, simply because nobody knows. As you are new user, It is essential not putting all of your £££ at once and be patient. I have couple of players with 40-50% down and I am still holding them.

  • @LuaLua

    You're right but I'd be surprised if there weren't some major transfer speculation about VVD in summer. The amount of teams who are rebuilding and need a guy like him. His agent is going to point to his PFA award and demand big cash for his services.

  • @Dan-The-Man I mean maybee but I strongly strongly doubt it he only just moved to liverpool and they wouldn't sell him for anything less than 180 million so really don't see anyone being interested. He's also at one of the top 4 teams in the world so he wouldn't want to leave.
    He has a chance of mb through nations league and relation to de ligt tho.

  • @LuaLua

    I wouldn't rule out Barca going big for him. Pique is old.

    If he comes runner up in the Premiership and has the choice to play with Messi.... or stick with the Barcelona feeder club... me thinks he might make the move but yeah... it would take super money to make it happen.

  • so I'm not the only one losing money. been a terrible last 3-4 days, down everyday. Hope its turns soon. Wouldnt mind but for some of the holds. They are worth no less than they were 3 days ago, yet people selling?

  • @BarbayanBrawler said in Will players rise again?:

    so I'm not the only one losing money. been a terrible last 3-4 days, down everyday. Hope its turns soon. Wouldnt mind but for some of the holds. They are worth no less than they were 3 days ago, yet people selling?

    I mentioned on another thread that I think during the first bonus period many users deposited a lot more than they were comfortable with - in turn there is a lot more knee-jerk selling.

    It will all settle down very soon.

  • no mate. sell up. its a total slide from now until the end of FI

    kidding. never panic

  • @BarbayanBrawler yeah awful last week, been trading 7-8 months now one thing I’ve learnt is to hold and be patient

    All my port 15-20 players are top mb boys and down about a grand since the bonus period

    It’s not nice seeing it drop but be confident when the season ends where can any money go?

    No football being played so gamblers will only have one option to earn money through this and that’s MB

    (Does make me want to trust my initial gut feeling and sell the lot pre bonus pay out as knew this would happen) 🤷‍♂️👌👌

  • @NewUser315189 and @BarbayanBrawler I've been here about 5 months now and I'll be honest this is easily the best form of gambling out there in my eyes. Plus ive made more money here than i have done in about six years of traditonal betting (bet365/skybet). Yes there will be slow patches, moments when your losing on players or you wish you sold two weeks ago because your players broke a nail and everyone is now selling. Be patient, honestly you will hear those two words very often but it's key. I've sold players worrying myself, not knowing how it all works only for them only to rise a week later. As new users join more money comes into the index and whilst there are already many users it really feels like its only just got going. It will be interesting to see where we are in a year's time but from what I've seen there will be growth for all players eventually. If i was you, play with a bit of money, get to grips with it all and understand the platform than slowly increase the investment if you feel comfortable. I love this platform and am here to stay, hopefully you will too.

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