Withholding investment until FI sort out divident issues

  • Ok so I recently added a new strategy to my existing strategies and that's purchasing shares in players I want to hold long term but can also win upcoming IP. I've had mixed reward with this, some pay off and some dont work out well due to the volatile market.

    I can live with that as they were long term holds anyway, however I'm fed up of not getting paid IP bonuses and having to contact FI. From now on I'll revert to my previous strategies until this issue is fixed by FI who are the ones who are responsible for making sure this issue is fixed, especially as they are the ones mostly benefiting from the increase in daily purchases.

    And before the forum police have a bitch, I suggest you jog on because I dont care what you have to say. It is FI responsibily, we shouldn't have to keep contacting them every 2 days or so, it's not professional. Sort out the existing platform rather than putting efforts and money into marketing.

    And before I get told to email/phone them, they monitor here as they share threads via social media when it suits them.

  • ok cheers

  • @Advinculas-Index You're welcome

  • It is a valid point tbh.

    It is pretty ridiculous that it still isn't fixed

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