Age verification

  • Is the reason I can't buy and sell players due to me needing to verify my age?
    I didn't need to verify my age to set up the account.
    I didn't get any notification telling me there was a change in this.
    Can I just sell up all my shares and withdraw my money without having to send in all my personal documents?

  • @NewUser220818 It's a standard procedure in the gambling industry to do a KYC (Know Your Customer), they'd be risking fines if they didn't carry this out. We've all had to do it as well, It's really not that big a deal.

  • just send them a scan of your driving licence and thats it done.

    as said, we've all had to do it.

    bank accounts, gambling sites, bureau de change...all covered by money laundering laws

  • @Munchie63
    Thanks for coming back.
    I never knew what the KYC stands for.
    I know it's not a major issue, but my annoyance is that the site never contacted me, never gave me a heads up that this was coming, and still haven't actually told me what I need to do to go back to normal.

  • @NewUser220818 they're not the best at communicating at times. Share Split massively advertised......the law changes this week weren't communicated at all, so most if not all of us couldnt buy or sell after midnight Tues, as they went through accounts checking who had sent photo ID already,

    Give them a call. It should just be a scan of your driving licence as that has all the info they need

  • @Munchie63 Law changes. What is that about mate? I had my ID check when I went over about 20k never withdraw just got flagged awhile ago.

  • @Misto FI said the reason for the fresh checks were some tweaks to money laundering rules which kicked in this week and meant they needed photo-ID from anyone who hadnt already provided it

  • Finally got an email back saying the reason was to verify my age and my UK residency.
    I replied saying o don't live in the UK, I live in Ireland, so just close my account and give me back my cash.
    They replied then saying that living in island is fine.
    To be honest I've lost faith now. Why tell me you need to live in UK, then when I say I don't live in the UK , they say that's fine.
    Sounds like rules are being made up as they go along.
    Don't think it's for me anymore, which is a pity, because it's a good idea.
    Couldn't be putting significant money into a site like this if I have no trust in them.

  • Are you able to withdraw money without the Age Verification?

  • @NewUser252912
    it seems like I'm not.
    I've emailed them on a few occasions and I'm getting very sketchy replies.
    At this stage I just want my initial investment back, not even my profit, but they aren't replying to me anymore.
    For the record, I'm 39, I'm not an underage guy trying to get away with things, but the customer service is awful.
    I'm 20% in profit from my initial investment but it looks like I won't get that back.
    Buyer beware is all I can say.
    Don't put your life savings into this scam.

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