Thursday Tips - 09/05/19

  • Luiz / Alonso
    Ruben LC / Parejo
    Rodrigo / Hazard

  • D- Alonso
    M- Parejo
    F- Hazard

  • Def - Alonso -
    Mid - Parejo
    Fws - Hazard

  • Luiz

  • Da Costa - Frankfurt
    Xhaka - Arsenal
    Hazard - Chelsea

  • Koschelny

  • No winning tips today.
    Table remains unchanged.

    Top Tipsters :

    1 - Westy - 32.83 pts
    2- Indexical - 18.98 pts
    3 - Chickenman - 16.83 pts
    4 - Ynot_b - 14.14 pts
    5 - Thatguy - 12.72 pts
    6 - Ross12 - 12.50 pts
    7 - Tikka-Mo-Salah - 11.15 pts
    8 - C Arroyo - 9.83 pts
    9 - Ringers - 9.17 pts
    10 - Vespasian32 - 7.82 pts
    11 - Andy M - 6.67 pts
    12 - Nally - 5.75 pts
    13 - Hammond_FI - 5.50 pts
    14 - Wb - 4.15 pts
    15 - Dan-w - 3.42 pts
    16 - benmorley24 - 2.50 pts
    17 - jay - 1.50 pts
    18 - Moukoko - 0.50 pts
    19 - AbuOG - 0.33 pts
    20 - AshLewis - 0.15 pts

  • @C-Arroyo Say what 😱 thought u only bought the cheap players?? Just saw you buy Mr Messi..
    By the way can you please take my name away from the table, lost interest 100% mate, don't want my name to fall down the table when I've stopped tipping 😁

  • @Andy-M

    Typically I don't spend a fiver a share.
    Only I made the dumb ass assumption that Barca would be in this seasons CL final (I wanted some interest) & that Messi would pick up the ballon d'or.
    In this instance I'm topping up on 5 Barca players to reduce the overall price paid - we're not talking huge volumes anyway.

    I'm finding myself doing this with everyone left in my port as the season closes. Not a good time and it's been a bad week in general on FI.
    I don't plan on altering my strategy, just need to accept it's the worst month of the year for those like myself, bite the bullet and look forward to mid-july I'd say.

    I'm in pretty big on Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter & Lazio, which is where I wanted to be with the remaining upcoming fixtures.

    Hopefully Barca give me some divs in what games they have left and I'll turn a small profit prior to a quick sale. Failing that Messi is a fair hold for the MB bonus period.

    I got out on Iwobi today thanks to a P&D, Delort is gone. Laborde will be soon.

    You're quite right. I don't buy expensive players. A small number to give me a little interest in the CL final.
    Often when it goes wrong....I buy more.

    I'm not removing names from the board, you're not the first to drop down the table after losing interest.
    The deduction in points as users are removed provides a good measure, balance and consistency as new tipsters are added.
    Removing users and their points total does not just affect that user. It would result in greater points deductions in any relegation. Benefiting those lower down or without standing, but at the cost of those siting above you who merit their current safety nets.

  • @C-Arroyo if i was American I'd sue you 🤣🤣

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