Big Players for next season - suggestions??

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Big Players for next season - suggestions??:

    Onyekuru - Everton player who has been banging them in at Galatasary. Marco Silva wants him back as they believe the work permit issues they'd had previously are now resolved.

    Bought just a couple pre SS @31 equivalent but now 74p so until his future becomes clear I think I might have missed the boat - another near miss, doh!

  • @NewUser159387 He has his own thread but right now the obvious one for me is Harry Maguire. Clearly he is well known and not a big surprise but if he joins United its a different ball game for him. MB focus rockets as a Eng and Utd player. Goal threat aswell so PB potential. He becomes a 3 year hold as you wanted at a good age and his price has plenty of rise in it.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Alternatively, what about Che Adams, almost certainly will leave Birmingham after 22 goals this year. To a Southampton, Palace, Everton at a push. If he scores 10 goals next season, there are calls for the Eng Euro squad, young and English, fits the FI matrix. £1 he could double in value if the above even remotely happens. Low risk hold with his move approaching aswell.

  • Anyone else read threads like this and get persuaded about every player? Been wanting to reduce the number of players in my port but can't help myself shuffling to add new ones...

  • @Neil2265 not just you...

  • @Jamie8 feel like I've left myself too spread because of it, need to just stick with my picks!!

  • James Maddison. Bloke is class, still bitter Spurs didn't go for him.

  • @Dave80 said in Big Players for next season - suggestions??:

    James Maddison. Bloke is class,

    One of my bigger holds, he just gets better & better plus a full season of Rodgers & further improvements to come IMO, then possibly a bumper transfer?

  • El Ghazipowerful, silky winger (6'2 and greasy hair... He is the next Cristiano) ... Had a great season on loan at Villa. If they win the playoffs i think they will try to buy him... Otherwise he returns to Lille where he can fill Pepes boots. I can see him becoming a star player over the next few seasons... Was massively coveted when he was part of the Ajax youth team. Possibly left them too early and then Lille had financial issues and had to get him off the books for a year (CL football next year and selling Pepe will solve those issue!)... I really do need to start a separate thread for him!

    James Rodriguez... Going to get another big transfer or loan move... We know EPL teams have sniffed around before. Guy is a PB beast with being a playmaker, set piece taker and goal scorer.

    Brewster... Hopefully a break out year for some of our best English youngsters. Klopp rates him. Already looks expensive... But gotta compare him with Greenwood. Two good young strikers.

  • Nikola Vlasic - having a great season and only 50p. Hopefully will come back to Everton but even if he doesn't I'm sure he will be playing in a PB league in the next 3 years.

    Chukwueze - bit more expensive (£1.86), but he's getting linked to big teams at the moment - could be a good one for summer, and he's going to turn into a quality player.

    inaki williams - had a good season for Bilbao, scored 12 and assisted 4, very good value at 58p.

    Also, so think Oyarzabal is great value, fallen a bit recently as well, he's a quality player

  • @Vespasian32 said in Big Players for next season - suggestions??:

    James Rodriguez... Going to get another big transfer or loan move.

    Really like his stats, one of my largest holds, just needs to find a place to settle & get regular gametime then as you say watch the PB wins roll in

  • Get in on Lucas Digne whilst he is having a little bit of a dip, currently only 95p. He puts up consistently solid PB scores and pops up with a few goals and assists, if I'm not mistaken he has created the most chances from fullback in the prem this season as well. He was just voted Evertons player of the season and if he has another good season next year I'm sure a few of the big boys will come sniffing around. He's only 25 as well so just entering his prime

  • @TraderJ

    Initially thought he looked a bit lightweight but as you say attacking FB with both a G&A in his locker so suits the FI matrix like a glove + possible transfer speculation.

  • @NewUser159387 exactly, he's made for FI haha. Tbh I thought he would have already taken off by now, but I have no doubt he will do eventually. I have quite a sizeable holding and he's up around 20p from where I bought in plus he has already returned a couple of PB divs so has been a good hold so far

  • To go along with the James Maddison chat from earlier on, I think Harvey Barnes could be set for a BIG season under Brendon Rodgers next time around too. Scored his first PL goal since Rodgers took over and looks really promising alongside the likes of Maddison and Vardy with Chilwell and Pereira overlapping. I think Leicester as a whole have a talented first choice 11 that were clearly under-performing under Puel.

    Barnes is currently trading at £1.08. I hold 100 of him and will be buying more before the start of next season once I have sold some of my summer MB picks.

  • I have to say Ruben loftus-cheek.

    He is Fast becoming a very important player at Chelsea and can only see that growing next season.
    Such a powerful athlete who can run with the ball and is good in the air.
    Got everything going in his favour maybe except the manager😉

  • @Gazz127 Really really good pb scores for someone who barely gets any starts as well.
    Chance of MB as well potentially.

  • @Gazz127 harry mcquire

  • @LukeMalla tend to agree with you. If rodgers can get him out wide facing towards goal driving inside into space he could be an absolute baller. The biggest frustration i have with barnes is his tendency to step on the centre backs toes with his back to goal in central areas, he nullifies his greatest strength when he does that and makes himself incredibly ineffective. If Rodgers can work his magic i think we will both be quids in as i have a fair few shares in him too (sorry for the poor sales pump). Adrian Chiles rant on 5 live when it was announced live on air that he was being recalled from loan in january says a lot about the potential of him. If he utilised his best weapons more effectively and upped his conversion rate he could be special, really special.

  • Luca Jovic. Can't stop scoring and is wanted by the big clubs. His average PB is only 56, but he has won top forward twice, with top overall player once. Don't hold but will get back on him for the new season.

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