Nicolas Pepe to premier league

  • I'd take any fcker for our RW....

    Just someone who is capable of playing there would be a start! 😁

  • Some links for a much needed RW (Pepe) - should make it our No1 priority signing

    It's also reported in the Daily Mail on today's live rankings media buzz - hopefully it's something concrete, with at least 3 different news outlets reporting it this morning 👍

  • Pepe currently £2.67, could see at least a quid rise if an announcement is made, he'll be much higher come next season if he was wearing a Manchester United shirt.

  • @Andy-M yeh surprised he and werner aren't higher than they are already... And that people have been selling both in buckets recently.

  • Seems strange to me that Rabiot was just a footnote in the Pepe transfer story & Rabiot has actually benefitted with the bigger rise? 🤔

    I give up trying to work you out Football Index! 🤣

  • @Ericali our boy Coutinho still sitting at a handsome 1.84 too, almost certain to leave. strange times. El Ghazi isn't up to £1 yet either...and last night I saw someone IS 600 Pedro Guilherme. At what point do we lose faith!!

  • @Vespasian32 I really think Coutinho has to go - when your face doesn't fit at Barcelona & the fans turn against you what else can you do? Similar situation to Pogba right now at Man Utd.

    Pedro panic could ensue in the next few days if he's not named in the Copa America squad on Thursday.

    Fluminense have a cup game early Thursday morning (1.30am) so he could either boom or drop rapidly with what happens this week.

    I have enough profit in him to hopefully see out any potential loss but a nice 🚀 if he were to score on Thursday & then get named in the squad.

  • How bad are SkySports? Finally doing "breaking news" on the euro Papers that Manchester United are interested in Pepe.

    Despite the fact its been the lead story on the back page of The Daily Mirror, The Sun & The Metro in the past few days.

    Good reporting guys! 👎

  • @Ericali I know eveyone says the metro and the sun are crap but they seem to get to rumours quicker than anyone else if im being honest. In just two days tracking them I've noticed they've been first on a number of things. Feel like they might be reading spanish and french publications who are more in the know. There feels like there's a chain of newspapers copying each other. I am determined to figure it out and find the roots so I can be prepared for next summer.

  • @LuaLua let us know if you can crack the code 🤣👍

    I find the local papers are a bit more reliable as they only focus on 2-3 clubs around that area. I personally watch the MEN & Liverpool Echo

  • So people are buying Nicolas Pepe at the minute.... Up 7p currently.

    Now I'm trying to look at this logically, to see the justification in the rise & if people on Football Index actually know what the hell is going on?

    Now, I'm presuming the rise is because the Lille manager has confirmed that he will be sold in the summer? 👍

    But (here's the catch) we all knew this week's ago didn't we?? The bleeding chairman of the club confirmed he had outgrown the club financially & would be sold in the summer about 5 weeks ago.

    Did we not quite believe the chairman (the boss of the manager) & had to wait for the manager to confirm this, making a consensus before buying the shares? 🙄

    I just don't get it....

    Pepe has also confirmed he will talk about his future when the French football season is over (next weekend then) which will then see another spike in his price.

    Can people not anticipate anything, or digest what's actually going on or am I like some zen-like all seeing eye or something? 🤔

  • @Ericali looks like his price shot up in April, then dipped after the end of the first bonus period, so suspect people were happy with their profit and took it then, having got their 10% bonus. Still seems odd though, as a move to the PL seems pretty likely so I had held on (and continue to do so). We probably shouldn't completely discount your zen-like qualities either!

  • @Ericali could simply be people trying to buy the MB? Or people less averse to risk more willing to pile in on the second confirmation from the club? He didn't rise on the back of his brace which secured them CL - would have thought that was a nice IPD bonus opportunity for people wanting to buy into his forthcoming transfer saga... oh well!

    It's like with Zaha, Coutinho and Bale etc … I bought these guys 3 months ago knowing they would be involved in transfer stories... first links come out recently and they rocket … what were people expecting? So ive sold at their first peak and can avoid all the drama of the ups and downs. It does leave me a bit shorthanded in my port tho! Malcom, Rabiot and Rodriguez next.

  • @Mintyfresh I hold for the same reasons...

    But it's like people only like to buy when he goes up in price to minimise their profits. 🙄

    Certainly seems this way - and on that note, I'll buy some more next week when he himself announces he's leaving & then goes up another 10p.

    Because it's going be a shock when he announces that next week - just didn't see it coming 😱

  • @Vespasian32 A second confirmation? We must have a platform of safety first squares - you wouldn't think it's a gambling site would you? 🤣

    Agree with you about Coutinho, Bale, Zaha - it's madness!

  • hes my largest hold by a long way, the guy will be top 5 in the world if he stays injury free, £1 lower than odoi is madness

  • @Ericali suppose some of it could be new traders that want a piece of the action. Whatever it is it's good for those of us that jump on early.

    He's actually my oldest hold now.

  • Majority of the trading going on right now is extremely reactive rather than proactive.

    @Ericali said in Nicolas Pepe to premier league:

    Can people not anticipate anything


    Stupid innit.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Nicolas Pepe to premier league:

    ive sold at their first peak and can avoid all the drama of the ups and downs. It does leave me a bit shorthanded in my port tho!

    Glad I'm not the only one taking this sort of approach. Had started to think I was being abit hasty by jumping out "early". I got rid of my AWB and Daniel James holdings at well over 100% ROI and also made a tidy profit on my Ben Chilwells when the rumours were at their height. It's not all been perfect timing though, sold my Longstaff's off the back of his recent rise from 75pps to £1.05ps, only to see him jump as high as £1.25 the very next morning with the Man Utd rumours 🤦‍♂️

    Holding my Maguire's and Zaha's as I expect these stories to rumble on for a while.

    Like you, I feel abit light atm, but have withdrawn the above mentioned profits as my first phase of de-risking, with the initial deposits for these players now waiting in my FI balance ready to re-invest.

    Are you having trouble finding the right player(s) to jump onto atm, or is that just me?

  • @LukeMalla very hard... i'm also derisking, got new work projects on horizon that will see me out of the country more often. So im selling early on my transfer risers... withdrawing 90% of the money and then using the rest to top up my long term holds. Not played the long game since joining but want to essentially leave all my profit in the Index and withdraw my net deposits to 0 (give or take).

    Long term holds are going to be Isak, Brewster, Greenwood (based on the fact even tho they may go down next season.. at some point in the next couple of years I see them at least £1 better than their current value... so with 1000 shares + that's a lot of money to be made)

    Medium holds; El Ghazi, Guilbert, Tillman, Almiron, Brandt, Zaniolo (I feel quite certain all are undervalued but I think there big rise will come in the next few months rather than with the long term holds where it could take longer).

    To sell; Salah, Mane, Rodriguez, Rabiot, Werner, Mount, Malcom (all undervalued at the moment but imminent spikes on the horizon, transfer/playoffs/CL final).

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