• @Stevo
    I disagree. You only have too look at Trents price too see that chillwell could reach maybe not the same level but atleast the £2 mark. English, young and if city have a good season next season then he’ll no doubt rise.

  • @Pacer I'm not being funny about it. To suggest he is going to rocket is just pumping to new users in my opinion. Trent gets decent PB scores. It makes a huge difference.

    You are welcome to your opinion but I dont think hes worth any more than his current price other than general price increase that all players will get with new users.

  • And let's be honest trents price is a lot due to liverpool's run in the CL. He was £1.70 a month ago.

  • He's only been mentioned with city and goes up at least 10p. I'm not saying he's going to shoot up in the next 6 week's, but I reckon this time next year he will be over £2 easily.

  • @Stevo said in Chilwell:

    And let's be honest trents price is a lot due to liverpool's run in the CL. He was £1.70 a month ago.

    If Chillwell does go to Man City then its not unlikely that he will feature deep into next years CL as well.

  • @Stevo if he goes City (looks likely) don't u think he will go the same way then?

  • @Stevo
    The difference is PB doesn’t come into it. Trent plays for Liverpool, Chilwell plays for Leicester. His PB score will rise dramatically if he goes too City. Any one who watched the city vs Leicester game would have seen guardiola have a little chat and joke with chilwell. Chilwell will be a city player next season I’m sure of it. Mendy cannot be trusted too keep fit and although zinchenko has done a decent job there I can’t see guardiola settling for decent.

  • All fair comments but I wont be buying personally. He may rise to £2 but if that's not for another year then I see better options for growth over the next few months myself.

    Good luck if you have or are planning to buy. Not trying to be funny hes just not one I see as a great buy at current price.

  • I got on Ben Chilwell at 84p back at the end of February (pre-SS equivalent). That was a bargain price. £1.31 is not a bargain but there could be a bit of upward movement still if the rumours of the City move keep on going. Personally, I don't think it'll materialise and I sold out at £1.30 as soon as Bonus Period 1 was up because of this reason and the article I have linked at the bottom of this post. I'm happy with the profit I made. I did exactly the same with Aaron Wan-Bissaka (in at 99p, out at £2.05. Truth be told I'd have sold AWB at £1.75 if it wasn't for the Bonus Period 1 and luckily for me his price kept going, especially during the final few days of that bonus window).

    For every "Exclusive" that The Telegraph write, there is another article such as this

    Good luck to anyone willing to spend £1.42 on Ben Chilwell. I hope you too make some profit that you're happy with. I agree with @Stevo though, I think the boat sailed on the term "bargain" here a while ago.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 will his score rise ?

    Walker and Zinchenko dont set the world on fire. Liverpool base their game around the 2 full backs getting forward and crossing. with city, they get forward, but its then balls back inside, or on to sterling / silva / sane. Those 2 city FB's have 4 assists between them all season.

    Rogers will get Leic playing, and IF they lose Maguire, they won't want to lose another defender...and will have money to spend.

    Maybe a quick hike with rumours, but imo chilwell will come crashing down

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