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  • With the great hype that surrounded Ajax on their Champions League exploits is there a chance that Lille (very close to securing Champs League) with their collective bunch of youngsters could do the same thing (N Pepe, R Leao, J Ikone and J Bamba) or will the likes of the above be sold during the summer? Aside from Pepe being a bit pricey for me the others offer great value - thoughts?

  • Bamba and Pepe are both div winners so good for Fi as well as real life.
    Yeh I think if lille (and lyon as well) don't get raided this summer they both could do well next year.

  • Yeah think Mendes and Soumare in MF could be better for PB too. mendes another one maybe leaving.

  • Think Soumare is in the u20 WC too. Had a bit of a rise recently but still one to watch for me.

  • Thanks for the responses. I had a look at Soumare but I haven't seen him play. Does he sit and protect the defence as a holding midfielder, any comparisons to maybe Kante at Chelsea?

  • @Stewart-C the position he plays would worry me.

  • I have thiago mendes. I bought him as he fell very nicely on a price v pb average graph but also as have seen a couple of stories relating to a possible move to everton

  • Yes he may be a bit deep but keeping my eye on him, especially if Mendes leaves. he could be a high base PB player but if he starts adding some goals and assists will rocket.

  • Ive went for Maia from Lille just because he looks a steal plus may start break into the Brazil team soon

  • Soumare is class! If you've got BT sports Lille are playing live around 4pm against Bordeaux i think. Next season he will 🚀

  • @Stewart-C he's more of a box to box midfielder rather than holding, marauding runs of yaya toure with added silky touches. I'd compare him to pogba but pogba is a twat.

  • @BlayneB I now own half the Lille squad will watch tomorrow but bought Leao, Ikone, Bamba, Soumare, Maria and Araujo worst case they all stay together for Champions League 19/20 and hopefully do a Ajax or they get a transfer to English Premier League.

  • Has Pepe's right leg fell off or did he die recently? 🤔

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