Port Growth

  • I am currently 25% up since joining end of January. When i first started with low budget, I had few shares in a lot of players, and they were mainly strikers or wingers mainly top 20 and one defender which was kimmich ( bought him at his highest, lost quite a bit in him) and up untill mid april my port was up 11%.
    Since then I have changed my tactic and invested in young talents with potential, and i know have 7 defenders 7 midfielders and one striker, and in the last 3 weeks my port has gone up 14%
    Is the whole index on the rise or is there just more money being pumped in youngsters, or the last 3 weeks ive just got alot better at this 😂

  • @GA yes to all 3 😁 good work. FI does love a youngster. FI is increasing and you are improving (probably).

  • @GA Yeah, @Valhalla is spot on.

    The only strikers on here that matter are the likes of Kane and it's more to do with him being Englands great hope, than it is his ability to put the ball in the net (though that helps)

  • For me it’s not what or how your port looks but the actual profits you’ve made, as what you have in your port will generally go up & down but buying & selling at the right time is how you actually make profit
    Hopefully FI just keeps getting stronger as it has been
    Good luck & may the profits forever be in your favour

  • Its a weird one because all im seeing on the forum and FB is that everyone is down.
    I feel like my drop is on its way, i've gambled onthe fact that VVD and Alexander Arnold will drive the prices of other defenders up, who i think are undervalued on the index. I'm going to ignore the media frenzy this summer i think, been burnt a few times jumping on trends or suggestionson the forum.

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