Jack clarke

  • I have to admit I haven't seen a lot of him, i keep hearing how good he is, then I watch Leeds and he's on the bench, does anyone know more about the lad, and more importantly do you think he is good value for FI investors?

  • @Jad1982 I watched a game early in season, he was already hyped, and he scored a goal in the match.... Then I checked months later and that was one of his only goals. Yet he won young player of the year for them. He does look good, but not quite sure about him yet. If Leeds get promoted... Will he be worth much more than he already is? Doesn't have the stats of a pb player... And not enough goals to be an IPD player... But with his age, nationality and fans love him... Could be a good mb player.

  • @Jad1982

    He's had interest from big clubs including Man City and picked up man of the match awards already at such a young age.

    He was surging for a while but had what looked like a heart attack to TV viewers. Turned out to be nothing quite as serious but that's why his price crashed.

    He's finally getting back to match fit and with the number of injuries facing Leeds, will get game time against Derby on Wednesday and then Villa, might even start.

    Defo one for the future. Leeds play Man Utd in a few weeks. It always gets tons of coverage, expect to see him in that too.

    I have 90 of him.

    Tyler Roberts is a cheaper option from Leeds and is looking ripe for the Premiership given his build. He's already started picking up media interest too.

  • @Dan-The-Man dangerous to rule Derby out! Leeds are so emotional, they are prone to bottling it. Bit lucky in the first leg with the pen decision and then the headbutt only getting a yellow!
    City did want him... So thats I guess his value... All on future MB and a transfer to a better team. I won't be risking him until Leeds confirm promotion, as I think his price is already too high just for chance of transfer and I don't think Leeds will go up. If they don't go up I think he stays another year... Or perhaps gets signed but with a loan agreement that he stays for another year.

  • @Vespasian32

    You're not wrong mate.

    Being a Leeds fan is rough. Every time it looks like we're finally going back to the Prem, the rug gets pulled out and this year has been no different. Made even worse by my old man being a Blades fan ha and Norwich going up (Leeds often called a feeder club to Norwich).

    That said, I think if we stay in the Championship, Clark will still rise. He'll get more game time, less chance of a new transfer in his position and the boy is talented. More importantly... he's highly regarded by Leeds fans, so new traders who are Leeds fans will buy him.

  • Nice jump in price for him today havent seen any news to suggest why though

  • I think one trader in particular went balls deep

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