Who comes out best?

  • If none of these players get promotion who will suffer the least?

    Tammy Abraham, El Ghazi, Grealish, Jack Clarke, Mount?

  • @John-D said in Who comes out best?:

    Tammy Abraham, El Ghazi, Grealish, Jack Clarke, Mount?

    Only Grealish & Clarke are owned by their current club so either stay put or will be sold, the others can return to their parent club so will be unaffected.

  • @John-D Mount doesn't really count, but him... as win or lose his loan is up and he comes back to Chelsea - they've already said they trying to get a Visa so he can join their pre season tour (of China?).

    Of the others - El Ghazi. Villa have option to buy, but i'm fairly certain they wont be able to pull it off if they don't get promoted. Which means he goes back to Lille - CL football. He's been chased by many teams and mangers for the last few years.. if they don't want him id say Etienne is very likely and they too will be playing in Europe. Whether he goes EPL with Villa … or plays for PB team in Europe I think he will be a £1 minimum come Oct/Nov. The risk is Villa are able to buy him even if they stay down. It is a risk, but I don't think its likely.

    Abraham goes back to Chelsea if Villa don't come up... will he play? Could end up being a boring rotation choice and lose a bit of value unless he really hit form. Id say hes a risk, especially if Villa come up - is a Villa striker worth nearly £2?

    Grealish quite inflated already … if Villa come up or not he should be in the EPL next season... possible room for growth if its a top 6 side

    Clarke - I think would stay at Leeds if they don't come up. And for a Champ player scoring 2 goals in 20 he represents the biggest risk. But saying that, discussed yesterday, he is still a good 3 year hold. Won leeds young player of the year award, has been offered a contract by City before. Has a bright future.

    Just buy them all in spades...

  • Abraham has hype around him like he does most transfer windows but depends on Chelsea's transfer ban. Mount is interesting as think he will be a prem player next season no matter what, although again this links with Chelsea and there ban.

    Grealish is another who will move so his price may go up a little more but don't expect people who jump on him now to make huge amounts in the short term unless he has a blinder of a season.

    El Ghazi will either sign at Villa if they come up or go back to Lille (I think) so will be in a "big league"

    In summary I think Clarke is the biggest risk, as he could well do with another year in the Championship, one to maybe monitor as could be worth a longer term investment.

  • Grealish and Abraham will 100% be prem players enxt year regardless

  • @Vespasian32 thank you for the detailed analysis.

  • Higuain and Morata both scored well at MB in their first years at chelsea. With Hazard gone CHO injured if Abraham were to go lead the line I would think that he could fill an mb shaped hole being young and English. So divs wise I think he's likely the best shout if you think he can go to chelsea and score enough to stick around for a bit.

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