Rashford on the rise?

  • I have held Rashford for a while and he has been gradually decreasing over the last few months but he seems to have now plateaued. If you haven’t already got him and always thought “I can’t buy him now, he’s already gone up so much” now might be a good chance to get on him. I have already topped up as I can see him going up as he will be in the Nations League and even though it is extremely unlikely that he will move, he has been linked to Barcelona so there may be some MB over the summer.

  • Hopefully, he's finally bottomed out. I was getting edgy, despite regularly topping up. :)
    I think he was carrying a bit of an injury toward the end of the season and was being overplayed in a poor United side.
    Would be nice to see him bang some goals in during the Nations League tournament - he could still be our number one striker, depending on how Kane recovers.
    A break over Summer and then back next season with better players around him and scoring again.
    I'm sure there'll be the inevitable transfer speculation over Summer too at some point.
    Safe hold in my opinion.

  • Dropped a lot for me but not worried at all, will be one of the top players in the world & on FI, if united don’t improve next season he’ll be gone to a top club

  • @Uncle-G I've held him on/off many times. Looked like he would be Utd's No.9 for many years when Solskjaer came in. But since then? zip! - other than having a set of giant balls to want to take that last minute penalty against PSG he's been relatively anonymous.

    Maybe he's been carrying an injury for months - but there's something not quite right. 🤔

    Can't help taking sneaky side glances at Welbeck's share price & wondering what might be if his career takes a turn for the worse.

    Not for me just yet.

  • @Ericali I don’t think any manager you’ve had has fully given him the backing to be the No 1 striker, he’s played 5 different positions this season, he’s only 21 still but I don’t know whether he’s been a bit fed up or slight injury but I agree not been at the gates last month or so but too good to keep down, should come to Liverpool 🤣

  • @Uncle-G what's pretty conclusive is he can't play RW think he's had 17 matches there & scored 1 goal.

    Think his career ratio is roughly 1 in 3 from the left & about 1 in every 2 & a bit down the middle.

    His career average is roughly 1 goal every 3.3 games.

    He needs to get more clinical if he wants the central role. ⚽

  • @Ericali 1 goal in every 2ish games ain’t too shabby, averaging 2.5 shots per game, think better feeding from some decent wingers would improve his overall performances & obviously a more stable defence wouldn’t do any harm 😉

  • I'm down big on him. He's been proper shit end of season. But like i've said before on here, Fergie did a deal with the FA back in the 90s so utd always get an easy first 10 games fixture list...he will bang them in and Utd will look like world beaters again til November. He's got a couple of years to climb back up for me, I'm certain he will. England, young, pacey, utd, ueafa cup.

  • It's almost like some people forget he's 21 years old, has been in a team underperforming since he broke into the team and was totally mismanaged for Jose's whole reign. He's in the red for me but I'm not worried.

  • Just took a 12p spike. Glad I jumped on yesterday.

  • @ropo 40 k buyers still coming in.

  • @Andy-M spotted some trader buying rashford in bucket loads and just sctreenshotted it on another thread! 👍

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