50 shares £1 to £1.20

  • Got £60 from a sale.
    If you could buy 50 shares in this price range who would it be and why?
    Range is in the top 200 for MB or for a decent PB player for next season.

  • @Neil2265

    Laporte £1.07

    He'll likely feature in the FA Cup Final at the weekend, which will complete City's treble. So chance of historic MB.

    Defender, who scores goals, played more games than any other Man City player, 2nd most passes in the league, clean sheets galore.

    He might score more goals next season, as Kompany's involvement reduces even further. This is because Laporte is an arial threat from corners but when he's playing with Kompany, Kompany becomes the main target.

    To be honest though, I'd be more tempted to put the money on Henderson/Dier given they are half his price, both in the Champions league final and Nations League. Could pick Laporte up closer to the new season.

  • Malcolm, probably get pimped out soon by barca, what are other wingers of his ilk valued at on the index...£1.50 - £2.50.

  • @Tom77 was just about to post the same. Came close to a Jan move to EPL... Can't see him surviving summer at Barca. Psg, Juve, Bayern or EPL I reckon... And at 1.20 any move for a player of his ability should be good for his price... Not like he's already £2 and a move to Juve would devalue him.

  • Exactly, can’t imagine him going down much apart from a few p. One link to the top boys in the Prem and he’s off to near £2.

  • @Dan-The-Man I bought 100 Digne a few days ago and it was a 50/50 between him and Laporte.
    My thinking was both good bets for PB (Laporte probably stronger) but Digne would have a potential transfer to a top 6 club, if not this summer then more likely next summer.

  • @Tom77 Haven't seen much on Malcom tbh, is he around the National team squad?
    How does he compare with someone like Pepe?

  • Malcoms a great shout now, completely forgot he was at Barca.

    Good chance he will end up at loan in England, although Roma were close to getting him before Barca did so they could still be interested.

    Think I’ll have a little dip

  • @Neil2265 said in 50 shares £1 to £1.20:

    @Tom77 Haven't seen much on Malcom tbh, is he around the National team squad?
    How does he compare with someone like Pepe?

    He was the flavour of the index when he was at Bordeaux, been completely forgotten about. Similar feel to what Pepe is now.

  • I’d go even cheaper and get Jonathon Ikone at 81p. Already doing very well in a decent Lille side. Pepe’s departure would only help his price plus champions league next season!

  • I've just invested £50 in each of the following:

    Diogo Jota - £1.09 - I think he will come onto big things next year, and can see at least a 50p rise in him, especially if any of the big boys get interested.

    Axel Tuanzebe - 79p - A bit cheaper than you want, but Ole likes him, and he's performed well for Villa. There's a big change he will get some decent gametime in EPL next year, but certainly one for a longer term hold. Easy £1 I think though in the next 12 months, so a 20p rise at least in that timeframe IMHO.

  • @kristiang85 my holding in Tuanzebe thanks you for getting involved, and I too feel there's some real potential for some EPL game time next season with either United, or another season-long loan at Villa if they go up.

    I'm in decent profit already so can swallow a dip if necessary. However, I think there's some decent potential with this lad, I really do.

  • @Neil2265

    Laporte is 10p up in 3 days.

    Hope you jumped on.

    Moron over here bought 300 more to top up, but then sold 200 to get more Kane who took a bit of a kicking yesterday... So that was bad timing.

  • @Vespasian32 imagine if he came to England and did well with the single name as well! I read somewhere lille were interested on loan to replace pepe, which would also be class cos hes already ripped it up in ligue 1 with Bordeaux and mean he'd get playing time to put him in the shop window.

  • @Dan-The-Man got some in the "dip" yesterday but that was already after most of the rise, will come good next season surely!

  • Robert Skov. Been on a big dip recently and if gets more prem interest as in January he will rocket

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