GKs Rising?

  • I have always avoided GKs like the plague, but a quick glance at the price increase list for squad players shows a lot on there (albeit most by only a few pence). This includes prem keepers where there is no IPD chance.

    Am I missing something??

  • Bought 150 Kasper Schmichel at a rock bottom 18p to hold for next season but already well on the increase sold 50@25p so £9 becomes £12.50. No idea what the increase is fuelled by though!

  • @NewUser140034 nice work mate! I see some logic in getting on at rock bottom price in the hope that GKs become more valuable in time but I have always thought my money could "work" quicker. Maybe someone with with a huge wad is targeting the same as you

  • I bought de Gea last month for MB, and he's usually in the red, but I've noticed even he is up 2p and in the green now.

  • @Wils86 said in GKs Rising?:

    Am I missing something??

    Cheapest, least risky way to play the index; will be bought for clean sheet IPD's at the start of next season, so almost guaranteed a rise then, plus eventually will get some other way to win (own category or similar) so another possible increase in value. Worst case scenario nothing changes & will be able to IS for just about the price they are now - all upside with virtually no downside risk, now that's always a great bet.

  • Thanks guys. Fear of missing out for me now...

  • A big whale bought loads of low priced players this week.
    He's jumped very early annoyingly.

    In the case of Kasper He didn't give him any time to fall.
    In fact he didn't give him any to grow either ahahah. He raised him to 25p. He was regularly being flipped below that price last year.

    Just cause people have more money doesn't mean they know what to do with it.

    Or he knows kasper schmeichel is going to be at the centre of a big transfer battle....

  • I've bought quite a few of the Premiership's leading goalkeepers over the last few weeks.

    No brainer really when you consider that MB will be opened up to all players from the start of August and the best goalkeepers will always attract media interest when they play well and keep clean sheets or save penalties etc. A single 2p media dividend on a 50p goalkeeper is a 4% return.

    Even if they only win a single 2p media dividend every two months, that's still a 24% return every year, excluding any potential capital growth. Who knows, maybe the top goalkeepers will rise to £1-£2 over the next year.

    From August, their only impediment will be their very low likelihood of returning PB dividends. Otherwise their MB and IPD potential will be as good as a lot of the outfield players on the Index (other than the leading forwards and attacking midfielders).

  • I have been tipping the value of goalkeepers for a while now on previous threads. Tend to go for the best keepers I can find but under the 50p mark so that I get the 2%+ returns for 1 clean sheet. For me the best value keeper out there at the moment is Courtois. Only 31p; he won't stay at Madrid and not play so if he stays great, if he doesn't then he'll be at one of the top teams.

  • @Wils86
    Iv got a good amount of goalkeepers. Its inevitable they will be seen as massively undervalued as the company grows. Just Look at their value on fantsy football

  • Hi F/indexers. At the start of April I bought 300 Hugo lloris and a week later bought a 100 more and the same the week after and so on for a month. He kept a good few clean sheets, so done alright of the dividends. His price never went up or down really. Sold out now to put money into sterling for the nx few months. I’m not sure how much I made on lloris through divs but I’m gonna check the fixtures near the start of nx season and buy 500 futures in 3 keepers with easy ish fixtures and keep for 30 days then sell and buy 500ish in another 3 keepers and continue the process. I’ve not put pen to paper to work this out but with lloris it did and in my head it does. If someone is more clued up on this than me please share your info. 👍

  • @NewUser159387 are IPDs confirmed for next season? I thought they were a trial to end at the end of this season?

  • @stumac85 you may be right. I just assumed it was on going so index would do well out of the commission.

  • @stumac85 for me they have to keep them. You can't introduce them as a trial, then increase them to the point it causes changes in people's strategy and then get rid of them all together. It would be horrendous market manipulation. Also it makes better financial sense for FI to keep it as the comms pays a large part to the IPDs.

  • @stumac85

    I asked about it in other tread but...

    I thought, that more ppl will be interested cuz it very important for traders who played that game - specially now when players can be buy on deep!
    Everyone is focused on summer media and transfer rumours but IMO its time for nxt step!
    Anyway its not confirmed official but I asked about it...


  • I've just freed up some money and jumped on some keepers.

    Butland, pickford, Pope, courtois, ederson.

    Hoping keepers in general may be all the rage in the coming months. Who else do people fancy?

  • Angus Gunn 23p potential england call up soon.
    Joel Perreira on loan in Belgium from Man U who is on loan 14p.
    ( dean henderson also on loan from Man U at Sheffield united is 41p)

  • I'm converted. Small holdings in Gunn (saints fan), Courtois and Leno purchased

  • Jeez guys let their prices fall before you buy them. This action should be like a month down the line.

  • @LuaLua that was my hope- top up more once they dropped. Luckily I already have quite a lot in the the keepers I wanted as this goalkeeper buying seems to be building momentum again.

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