'Rodri' Rodrigo Hernandez

  • Crazy how Rodri hasn't sky rocketed yet. Wants to leave Athletico and has a £70m release clause. Wanted by City, Bayern and Barca. Reported by the media as 'Rodri' so FI doesn't pick up his media headlines. Once move becomes prominent he will rise no doubt.

  • I’ve just bought 200 based on the same findings as you.
    Barcelona amongst other clubs are interested.
    His rise big won’t be too far away

  • @NewUser253169

    I bought him in last summer for PB and cap app, double money and I sold, nothing special but now looks like he's in news again...
    I start think, why he would like leave Atletico after one season, he just signed for them in the summer?

    Barca signed Frenkie for his position and have Rakitic, Vidal, Arthur, Alena, Busquets - all cheaper then him!!
    City, yes they looking for Fernandinho replacement but players at his position, again are cheaper... and I'm not sure that City team is good for PB - rotation!
    Bayern similar and when you look at Goretzka, why would you like pay £1+ for Rodri 🤔

    And he is in news called Rodri so no MB in the summer!

  • @Mundek few very good points and I agree with them all lol.
    But all this talk of big teams could well give him a 25% rise and that will do for me.

  • People on here buying Marquez who is around 50.
    If he does sign for someone big then great if he doesn’t then I lose pennies.

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