Jarrod Bowen

  • Looking to invest in this guy with sold loftus cheek funds, almost certain to move, £1.18, lots of goals and assists in championship. Is his cap dependant on who he moves to, iv heard links from tottenham to southampton and many teams in between? Looking at someone like redmond at 47p as a comparable player if he moves to a lower premier league team, do you think hed dip in price if he did move to a southampton? Standard comparison with Maddison if he goes to a leicester but may end up like gray? What do you guys think his risk/ ceiling is? Seems to get ignored for England u21 for some reason.

  • Is it that certain he will move would you say?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAF1d1gXaj0

    I guess everyone can make up their own minds, you can never be certain about anything but it doesnt get much closer than this. 1 year left on contract, links to numerous premier league clubs and confirms his ambitions in the recent above interview. The dream scenario for all owners would be a man united link, if they have been linked with daniel james, this move makes even more sense given hes a more proven player with a far better record, they desperately need a rw or 2 and hes relatively low risk at £15-20 million or so. That said if he were to join a lower status club that FI price could tank given the value of the attacking players at some of those clubs.

    Edit: he has 1 year left on contract with the option of a second year according to reports.

  • Pretty certain to move. I bought some at £1.15. I used David Brooks as the price benchmark at £1.50 plus. If he reaches that price I will be happy.

  • Definitely think he'll get a move this summer, likely mid-table team, and still a bit of a rise to come when he does.

    Would love him at Palace as a Zaha replacement.

    Held for a while now and see some decent increases.

  • Plenty of links with spurs in jan, be surprised if he isn’t in Prem next year.

  • He is absolutely flying does anyone know why? i cant see any recent transfer links?

  • @dionysusthyrsus might be because Jack Clarke is flying.

    Sometimes happens when one player flies. If he's worth x amount people will think a similar player is worth similar.

    Personally would say Bowen is much the better hold.

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