Ruben Loftus-Cheek - serious looking injury

  • I mentioned this in the England squad thread but it’s worth it’s own one - Chelsea sent a load of first teamers to a charity game in the US last night. Unbelievably Loftus-Cheek played and went off with an ankle/Achilles injury. Left the ground in a protective boot.

    Could mean he is out for both the Europa final and the Nations League.

    Shocking decision by Chelsea, surely you either pull out of the game or send the kids, given the European final coming up?

    I hold RLC, I’m not gonna panic - but am expecting a CHO style drop. Currently down 9p.

  • I’ve just bought some RLC. He should pick up some MB today and the injury doesn’t appear to be as bad as CHO’s, so fully expect him to be playing for Chelsea at the start of next season.

  • Just been reading about this, apparently he "caught his foot on the patchy turf" if that's the case it makes it even worse. Can't help but feel sorry for RLC, hopefully not too serious

  • I expect it was in the contract that they had to play first teamers.

  • It could be just a precautionary protective boot, strange time to panic when there's one PB game remaining in his season, as for dropping like CHO, shouldn't happen because CHO was over inflated, RLC has that price due to performances in last couple of months, I'm expecting a rise once the sheep settle down.

    ""EDIT"" saw he'd recovered 2p since i looked 10min ago, was 192p now 194p 🙄

  • It’s the self-fulfilling nature of FI though, any semi-serious injury and people sell because they expect other people to sell!

    Down to £1.90 now 😡

  • I just bought a few, been looking to get in him for a while. His price will recover and should be getting more games at the start of next season

  • @Coleyscrooge I've got someone in the sell queue and will be topping up on RLC if his price is still this low

  • Sarri must be a right knob.
    Why would you play your top players in a meaningless friendly the week before a game that could define your season and potentially save your job.
    Played Hazard too! Madness!

  • @Dronny-Gaz I would be sacking him anyway at the end of the season. Give the new coach a year to work with his current squad and identify transfer targets during the transfer ban.

  • There really are some fickle people on FI, the drop in RLC is complaints here though, top up time for chelseas player of the year 2020

  • @Krishaan1993 yeah I have always found injuries a strange one, seems like people just sell because they are worried that others are going to. If everyone just held their nerve and trusted in why they bought the player in the first place the market would be much more stable.

    If he misses out on the nations league squad today as well he could fall even further

  • Out for 6 months according to the mirror

  • Topped up for long hold 😁 easy money if patient

  • @Jamie yeah I seen that one and a fee other reports claiming it's a ruptured Achilles, nothing confirmed yet though I don't think

  • Jesus F###### Christ, feels like everyone I own seems to get a bad injury recently 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • It's a tough one. Could be easy money if your patient but IF he was out for anything from 6 months to a year would you really want money just sitting there tied up

  • @NewUser125668

    In theory, no. But I watched CHO's price change after his injury and once the initial drop had taken place, his price recovered well - even though he is out for circa 6-9 months.

    You could buy on the dip and sell for a profit once RLC's price recovers. No need to wait for his return to first team action.

  • @ocs123 very true but you'll more than likely get a spike when he does return to first team aswell

  • Yep. That's cheap enough for me now.

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