Dele Ali

  • i havent really been on the platform long enough to make accurate judgement but ive noticed alot of players (Ali being an example) around 23-25 years old seem to stagnate a bit - almost like theyve lived up to their hype and they cant really go any higher. is someone like Dele Ali a good hold with room for growth or is it better investing his money elswhere?

  • @NewUser297399 It all depends if you think he can get back to being a goal scorer like he was for a season or two? If he does it’ll mean some mb, some challenging pb scores, a place in the England team, transfer interest and so on.
    Alternatively, if you don’t think his current form will improve he’s a hot potato imo (I do hold). This would mean next to no mb, no pb (general involvement isn’t big enough), probably out of the England team. Not good.

  • I bought a few shares before the last premier league game. With the Champions League final coming up and the Nations League semi shortly after, he has the potential to make an impact. His form hasn't been great but I fancied a punt in the short term. I am not sure I will keep hold of him beyond then.

  • I don't tend to comment on individual players but i do think Dele Alli is very under-valued, even when taking poor recent form (which is now improving) into account. And if he did put in a run of good performances with a couple of goals then he could fly.

  • Premier League record of English men playing at the same position.
    Alli: 1835 mins, 5 goals, 3 assists, £1.83
    Barkley: 1243 mins, 3 goals, 5 assists, £1.00
    RLC: 985 mins, 6 goals, 2 assists, £1.85

    Alli is already over-priced and he needs to do something special to deserve that price. Otherwise, I would go for Barkley and RLC.

  • There was a time when Dele Alli was England's great hope, blooded in to the squad as a future talisman amongst a bunch of underwhelmers/has beens (Rooney, Milner, Delph, Cahill, Walcott, Jagielka, Clyne, Hart, Smalling) also linked with Man United & some big European teams.

    Fast forward 4 years and Rashford, Sancho & CHO have burst onto the scene along with an improved Sterling to almost completely steal his buzz. At 23 he is no longer a youngster (in FI terms). Every time I've watched him this season he's barely been noticeable and that is reflected in his low PB scores - doesn't seem to be playing 'off' Kane like he did previously.

    He will have small rises after scoring goals or being hit with bottles but will soon drop off again.

  • @NewUser297399
    superb player scoring so many goals but he lacks pace. I love his calmness on the ball but when tottenham are losing he looks lazy, ie berbatov
    Hes got wonderful tricks but he doesnt dictate and dominate the game the way a zidane or gerrard did. He doesnt seem to dictate the speed of a game or show true winning determination and mentality.

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