England's Most Likley First XI v Cheaper Second String

  • I predict England first choice XI to be???? put up against a cheap second string team who all have a chance of being called up in my opinion!!!!!!!
    Who do you think is worth taking a chance on???

    1 - Pickford 41p v Butland 38p
    2 - Trent Alexander-Arnold £2.77 v Gomez £1.29
    3 - Chilwell £1.44 v Shaw 66p
    4 - Maguire 1.65 v Keane 39p
    5 - Stones 95p v Tarkowski 49p
    6 - Rice £1.98 v Henderson 43p
    7 - Sterling £4.77 v Oxlade-Chamberlain £1.22
    8 - Maddison £2.21 v Barkley 95p
    9 - Kane £4.85 v Sturridge 45p
    10 - Alli £1.83 v Abhrams £1.86
    11 - Sancho £5.30 v Rashford £3.61

    Any Thoughts??????

  • @ScousePilgrim You Think rice will start ahead of hendo?

  • Why is Maddison in the actual side when he's never been capped?

    Where's Walker?

    England's first 11 is more like

    1. Pickford
    2. Walker
    3. Chilwell
    4. Henderson
    5. Stones
    6. Maguire
    7. Lingard/RLC
    8. Alli
    9. Kane
    10. Rashford/Sancho
    11. Sterling

    You 2nd side is terribly inaccurate too.

    Where's Rose, Tripper?

  • thiny he will rest him after champions league final and go for youth in the semi and the play him in the final.

    Squad Announcement @2pm will be interesting to see what MB it raise hope he doesn't play any Liverpool players in the semi to rest them. he could choose not to play any Liverpool or spurs players on the flip side the team might be flooded with them.

    dressing room would be interesting as there will be winners and losers in there how do they break the ice??

  • Barkley gets in over Maddison imo.

    I think Maddison will be in under 21’s.

    Barkley has played the last 2 games.

  • if Oxlade Chamberlain plays any part of CL final think he will get time in the semi!

  • Luke Shaw seems fairly underpriced

  • Never said it was!!! first XI just an opinion v's a cheap team as it says!!!!
    Who Knows who Southgate will pick it all just a guess

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