FI Dividend Team of the Season

  • Where's @Noirx4 when you need him? He'd be able to satisfy our curiosity in no time. Anybody still getting his product? Or has he quit?

  • @Specksynder Still receiving his data but he doesn't seem to be active in the forum. Don't have my computer open though to check all the stats and work it out, so I'll speculate

    --Kimmich--Laporte--Ramos--TAA (lb/rb?)

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  • 👆🏻It glitches if u put spaces in so I screen shotted it.
    The positioning is open to interpretation, but these are the biggest dividend earners in roughly the correct positions. All the money at the top of the pitch as we’d expect, with the best keeper bringing in just 0.7p!

  • @Valhalla

    Is this including or excluding ipd ?

  • Its total PB and MB dividends. So I believe IPD’s aren’t included.

  • @Valhalla

    Thanks for putting that together @Valhalla. I think the main take away is the value of good dividend returning defenders as they are picking up a much bigger ROI for their price when compared to the midfielders and forwards. Trick is knowing which ones are going to do it.

    Sergio Ramos looks a decent shout for next season after falling to 75p. He's old but surely worth 1 more season even if he only manages half as much as this year, taking into account the reduced divs since SS.

  • @Londoner

    That search hasn’t worked properly. There’s no way Alexis and Zlatan have won that amount of dividends this season.

    Always test data before using it.

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    So a couple of notes on the above;

    1. This is based on my own records dated 10th Aug - 16th May 2019, in the words of Rag N Bone Man ''I'm only human'' but should be very accurate.
      If anyone thinks I've missed someone then please let me know and I'll check my records.
    2. I've cheated on initial request (4-4-2) and I've gone for a (3-4-3) as higher returns are mostly with forwards (not necessarily higher %s though)
    3. Returns are based on what they would be worth at post-split values, except for IPDs which are the totals to date. It's obvious but worth stating you wouldn't have qualified for all IPDs without selling every month and paying a 2% commission so it's slightly misleading.

  • Can't believe that Robertson and Alexander-Arnold aren't better placed considering the number of assists both racked up this season.

  • @ocs123 said in FI Dividend Team of the Season:


    That search hasn’t worked properly. There’s no way Alexis and Zlatan have won that amount of dividends this season.

    Always test data before using it.

    There's a button I had to press after putting in the dates. Here's the correct one:


  • @Specksynder absolutely. Shaw was a bit of a surprise. At £0.37p he’s had a pretty good season.

  • @NeaviePops23 Alexander- Arnold was someone I thought would make the IPD team, he had 16.5p, as previously mentioned it's a little misleading, there was a time when a defender goal was worth 3p and an assist at one point was 0.5p. So defenders who scored at ''the right time'' higher up the list. But he was the first name I checked!

    Trent A-A - Media (0p) Performance (12p) IPD (16.5p) = 28.5p
    Robertson - Media (0p) Performance (0p) IPD (9p)

    @Valhalla - I have Shaw - Media (13p) Performance (2p) IPD (3p) = 18p total at todays. But yes 37p at the time - 33p in media, he was another that Mourinho loved to have a dig at. Also the ''I almost lost my leg'' interview was during triple media & when he was top 200 so great time for holders.

  • @AT10 my brain works out value at pre split prices. The new prices are like an alien landscape 👾😉

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