Tom Davies

  • Hi all,

    I'm a newbie here and I am currently in observation mode.
    I have witnessed a lot of speculation on young england players so I started digging up more through it. I ended up on Tom Davies.
    I can't understand why he is under 50p (one of the lowest priced under 21 england player on the index). He is playing a few games here and there for Everton, already captained Everton's side during the Carabao Cup, just renewed his contract until 2023...
    Am I missing something somewhere?

  • Not a first team regular, not at a top side, hasn't been amazing when his got game time. I hold 100 of him but he needs a good season next year. He'll rise eventually.

  • @NV020 I am an Everton fan so he is on my radar and I hold as well as I think over the long term he will be a good investment. To answer your question though, I think at the moment he is so cheap because he hasn't really pushed on like many thought he would. He had a couple of seasons where he really showed flashes of being great but this season has been very stop start and he hasn't been able to hold down a place in the team.

    I am sure his talent will shine through though and he will get his chance at some point, whether that be at Everton or somewhere else, if he gets a run in the team and backs it up with a few good performance I'm sure his price will go up

  • @stumac85

    Thank you for your help. So it is mainly because he doesn't catch the headlines the way Sancho, Brewster, Greenwood and co are doing, not because of a turnover in his situation.

  • @NV020 Brewster and Greenwood are dead ends until they actually do something. If they don't push on they'll crash hard. If they play well then they'll stay around the same price, maybe rise a bit. Too high risk for me.

  • @NV020 I think it is hard to compare them really, and if you ask me all 3 of them are overpriced but that's another issue lol.

    I think Greenwood and Brewster are priced purely on speculation, nobody has really seen any of them play in games that matter at the top level, because they haven't done it yet. But people are willing to gamble that they are going to live up to their reputation, which they may or may not.

    Sancho on the other hand has showed he is a top player in a good league, week in and week out. Also his price is fueled by speculation that he was going to be coming to the prem, however it is looking more likely to be next season now.

    Davies hasn't really got any of those factors built into his price, he doesn't really have much MB value at all, as he's not going to be moving anywhere anytime soon or getting any other headlines, such as "young star cracks the first team" which may happen when Greenwood and Brewster start getting games. Additionally, he is not a regular starter at the minute so it is very difficult for him to have any PB value. Like I said earlier though if he starts getting some games and looking good he could start having some PB potential and also may drag himself into the England conversation at some point which will also help his price.

    Think he may be involved in the u21 championships for England over the summer as well, but don't quote me in that. A good performance there may help his price as well

  • Perfect thank you.
    He is more of a under the radar type of player and we will have to see if he keeps improving in the future

  • Just needs to be highlighted that he still plays football, cheap as chips, holder myself.

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