Fabricio Bustos

  • Young right back with a couple of caps for Argentina.

    Anyone know why hes taken a decline? Expect him to be picked up by a European team soon, possibly this summer. Was thinking of topping up but maybe I'm missing something?

  • I hold quite a few on same thinking. Very good player, just needs a move to a PB league

  • @NewUser142017 yeah I was very surprised to see his price but cant find any negative press. just articles saying he should be bought

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah probably that hes totally dead money unless he does definitely move and even then, how much is he going to rise? I held for a whole ages and but I've come to learn a lot of these lower end players fluctuate a penny here and there but the money is being made in the here and now while these guys are stagnating.

  • @Stevo Yeah see what you mean, just seems a little weird to sell just at the start of the transfer window. if people held for long term what's another 2/3 months during the transfer window to see what happens? Can see someone like Newcastle signing him and he will double. Hes even been linked with Arsenal but I would prefer him to join a lower team so he gets more opportunities.

  • Just made aware of this player can’t see any negative press only good things and even rumours he will be back up at Arsenal. Let’s see how it goes but really with age and buzz on the net should be at least Nández price 0.40 etc

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