Will messi pick back up?

  • Evening all
    Do we think messi will pick back up at the start of the season? Or is it time to sell up and move on?

  • He should pick up a bit. How much is unclear. He earns so many dividends he’s hard for ppl to stay away from but he is getting on in years, and ppl were spooked by ronaldos drop. Mainly ppl are selling him because there is no PB over the summer.
    I expect him to drop in price for another month or so, then as the new season nears, all the PB players will be back in fashion again. Plus he will be in the running for the Ballon D’or so there is plenty of MB to be won.

  • I only hold small in him but wasnt sure whether to stick or twist. Think I'll hold. Thanks

  • I wouldn’t worry, he’ll be worth, at least a couple of quid more by Xmas

  • Nah , he’s too old..

  • PB & MB monster, still only 31 compared to Ronaldo 34, everyone will be compared to him now ronaldo is fading (MB), Ballon D'or winner/competitor (MB), more goals than games (PB) etc etc etc unless he breaks his legs he will rise as soon as the season starts if not before, sit tight & relax

  • 330 shares at -70p = not a good week. Torn between topping up and just riding it out till Xmas at least

  • @RickYNWA Messi is 31 , historically injury free and a monster for all dividends. If you consider Ronaldo is 3 years older. Consider his price 3 years ago and where he went on FI over that period and what he achieved. Messi is at a top club and unlikely to move, he will continue to perform at the highest level in CL and la liga and he may do even better than Ronaldo as he doesn't or hasn't had the offield issues Ronaldo has.
    People are spooked sure, but only because they are fed this bullshit about his age. As I said consider Ronaldo between 31 and 34 and apply it to Messi over the next 3 years. Safe investment especially if you get on at a good price which I don't think he is far off now.

  • I'm holding on to my Messi' for at least another year yet, why would I sell, PB/MB magnet and only 31.

  • @Harmonica Indeed!

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