Fabian Schar to Arsenal or Tottenham

  • This guy was very good for Newcastle, he featured in Fifa 19 ultimate team and was heavily linked to Arsenal and Spurs within the last couple of months. He is sitting way below £0.50 a share and I can see him getting media dividends during the transfer window and a first team spot at Arsenal (instead of mustafi) so he will be worth 3 times as much. Thoughts please?

  • @NewUser345879 all depends on who is in charge of Newcastle next season. He's very popular up here, very well liked by players and staff and Rafa rates him highly.

    I know the press don't always get it right but there's nothing being said about any interest or that NUFC are expecting a bid from anyone or are particularly worried about one coming in. There's lots of talk about Ayoze Perez but that's it.

  • There was talk in March and April but yes it seems to have cooled. Do you think Benitez will stay in your opinion?

  • If Rafa stays I think itll look good for us cos he'll demand assurances on certain things, if he goes then so do we....straight into the championship

  • @NewUser345879

    They were barely mentioned up here, just more in passing than anything serious but it's often the quiet ones that catch you out.

    Will he stay is the million dollar question and my worry is the longer it's unknown the more likely players are to leave. I think he wants to stay and feels we can reach another level and he can take us there but needs/wants more backing which I think is only fair. The trouble is will Ashley abandon his successful "business" model that has made him a billionaire and adapt a "football" model for something he doesn't understand and wants to sell.

    I do think he will stay but my fear is it will be a short term contract, maybe 12 month rolling deal and if promise that have been made aren't kept he will simply walk away at the end of 2019/2020 season.

  • @Weedster Knowing Ashley he'll be straight in for Pulis

  • He did have a very good season, good piece of business picking him up for £3 million. Index wise he's not a bad buy, shown he can score goals and has won PB once this season - and there is the possibility of picking up transfer spec. But unless he does actually go to one of the top clubs (and I haven't heard anything to suggest he will) then probably not looking at any significant rise on him. Under-appreciated player though certainly.

  • I’m an Arsenal fan but can appreciate how vast the support is in Newcastle for their club.... it’s huge. I don’t understand how that much support in a city that big can’t generate enough money to be near the top half... surely he’s using the money for other ventures? Again being an Arsenal fan, I know what it’s like sitting there without money to spend and feel their pain.

    On a different note I may need to post this somewhere else but I see something when selling players which is sell to market or something like that as opposed to instant sell. I’m new to this but can’t see anything in simple terms that explains the difference. Thanks for all the replies above but are you able to help on that question please?

  • @NewUser345879 have a read through this pinned thread, explains MS vs IS and many other useful things. Much better use of time than trying to explain Newcastle Utd finances and Mike Ashley 😭

  • @Keegans-Bluff said in Fabian Schar to Arsenal or Tottenham:

    @NewUser345879 have a read through this pinned thread, explains MS vs IS and many other useful things. Much better use of time than trying to explain Newcastle Utd finances and Mike Ashley 😭

    Hahahaha well played sir!! I will give that a read and thanks for your help.

  • I’ve been selling my players instantly and taking a hit by the looks of it... damn my lack of understanding... nothing easier than separating a fool from his money I suppose. I’ve actually been doing ok and I’m liking this more than normal betting to be fair. Thanks for everyone’s replies.

  • Regardless of transfer speculation, Schar is a quality player and will become the real deal in the next few years. Definite investment from me.

  • @NewUser348821 Agreed. I'm on him.

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