• Out of the reclassifications I only hold Sancho and Rashica so I have done pretty well, but I'm absolutely gutted for the Kimmich holders. I understand the game rules state:

    "Footballer playing positions are categorised based on data from a third party data provider, and may be updated in the case that the supplier changes the category of a given footballer."

    But there is still a good way of doing this and a bad way of doing this. Suspend the market, release the list, allow people to digest and then open the market again.

    Some poor buggers are going to get home from work today, take a look at their portfolio and wonder if Kimmich has been sentenced to life in prison.

    Another lesson for FI, I think.

  • Sancho will benifit loads from these changes..
    Also I think Felix will be good.. now a fwd and not a midfielder.. hazard should still be a fwd IMO..

  • How can changing Kimmich to a midfielder be justified?

    He played 36 out of 47 games at right back according to whoscored.

    Don't currently hold by the way.

    EDIT: Marquinhos played 23 out of 36 as a defender. So more in midfield and he remains a defender.

  • @Allams-Out I've never actually watched him play but maybe his heat map looks like he plays as a midfielder in relation to other players on his team. Doubt that's how opta do it but i dunno. Does seem a strange change.

  • Hope they keep Youcef Atal as a defender.

  • @LuaLua said in Reclassifications:

    @Allams-Out I've never actually watched him play but maybe his heat map looks like he plays as a midfielder in relation to other players on his team. Doubt that's how opta do it but i dunno. Does seem a strange change.

    It could be. The role of a fullback is a bit blurred these days.

  • How has Zinchenko stayed as AMC !?

    I had thought about posting a positve thread yesterday about lack of technical issues recently and fuck ups...but here we are.

  • Only one I own is Milot Rashica. Lovely rise in him this morning after his reclassification. Softens the blow of selling my Longstaff holding yesterday before the rise today off the back of the Utd rumours. (BS rumours imho but that's another topic)

    I was definitely going to be adding Kimmich to my portfolio over the summer though ahead of next season. Think I'll hold off now and see how the lands lies after the new season starts.

  • @Westy There was also a massive technical issue yesterday of people getting charged commission but not getting the money for player sales. Check your history.

  • A lot of reaction to the positional changes and how it might affect dividend returns, so some quick research on players I've seen mentioned. (Of which I only own Hazard)

    This is based on returns from this season and calculated using the post-split dividend structure;

    Hazard - 21p as a FWD // 14p as a midfielder (Net change -7p / 33% PB yield)
    Kimmich - 35p as a DEF // 12p as a midfielder (Net change -23p / 65% PB yield)
    Guedes - 0p as a MID // 0p as a FWD
    Players who would have benefitted most from Kimmich being a midfielder = no-one. His wins would have been spread across about 6 different defenders, all with 1 extra win (Sule (1 extra win) / Alaba? Unsure, one game Kimmich won with 134, I don't know who was 2nd as I don't record below 150)

    Final thought for all those who've seen their investment crash and haven't sold, THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE, Marcelo of Real was also briefly a Midfielder, his price rebounded when OPTA (not FI!!!!) re-classified him back to a defender. Will Kimmich be re-classified as a defender, my feeling = yes. (I don't hold!!)

  • @AT10 said in Reclassifications:

    Guedes - 0p as a MID // 0p as a FWD

    ahhah savage.

    How have you worked out these changes tho?
    Also how long did it take opta to change Marcelo back?

  • I mentioned bout 6 months ago kimmich shud b a midfielder. Players change positions bale for instance started as a left back. Times change.

  • Also, does anyone know if the reclassifications happen on the same date every year cause if so I'm marking this day in my calendar.

  • @LuaLua very good question.

  • @LuaLua Sorry mate I don't have the exact dates but it wouldn't have been more than 6 months? I remember reacting slowly, IS at a loss on him and then ''a very short time later'' seeing a massive rise to find he was back as a defender again.

    Regarding the changes I've look at the data for their PB scores and compared to other scores on that day, so Guedes as an example, I found 2 scores for him this season over 150pts both days he would not have won top forward (3rd on 1 and 5th on the other)

  • Sorry, bit late to the party...

    Did we get a full list of the players which have changed?

  • @Misto thanks!

  • @Chris-J fuck..... I never noticed, he was a great pb hold at midfield and just about to become my first 100% roi but thinking of selling now. He has transfer links at the moment but this change makes him a riskier hold. Feck it he was a like a son to me.....

  • @BlayneB ah yes less forwards to compete with for pb panic over haha

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