Best performing player not in 200 listed players

  • Hi chaps! I had a question about the performance buzz feature... and I think it might be a stupid question :D :D

    I read that stats are taken from OPTA... and of course their stats will include more than the 200 players listed in the 1st team.

    So what I'm curious about is say 'Joe Bloggs' is officially the best performing player of the day, but he isn't one of the 200 listed in Football Index, then what happens? Is there no PB winning player for that day, or, will Football Index lookup the best performing player from the 200 in the list that we have?

    My biggest thoughts was around goalkeepers since in the 1st team there is only a dozen or so. I'm assuming that FI only includes the players we can select and therefore every single match day there will always be a player who wins PB?


  • Hi

    The performance buzz will be given to the top player on the index (first team 200).

    Be careful with goalkeepers they're included in with defenders in the buzz so will be competing with some attacking full backs.

  • Ahh I see, thanks for the heads up with the goalkeepers!

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