Thorgan Hazard

  • Slightly bemused by the fall in Thorgan since the announcement of him being a midfielder, he's played 40 games - 17 goals - 10 assists & earned 17p PB per share, surely with them stats his PB return improves as a midfielder as his PB scores don’t need to be so high to win PB compared to competing against messi & co

  • Surely to win midfield PB is easier than forward PB
    Your scores don’t need to be as high as competing against messi, ronaldo, griezmann etc or am I totally wrong

    Never been in this situation as fairly new on FI so looking for help

    Any advice would be appreciated

  • I just checked and of the top 30 max pb scores only 7 are forwards. Surprised me too. and there are like a couple defenders in there the rest are midfielders. Top averages are mostly defenders and midfielders.

  • @LuaLua i know that’s why I can’t work out the drop in thorgan, easier to win PB in midfield than in forwards as in forwards you’re competing against the beasts that are Messi, ronaldo etc etc

  • Agreed... Hes way underpriced.

  • @Uncle-G His pb scores will be exactly the same as before except now he's competing against midfielders. Midfielders have higher averages and higher peak scores. It thus becomes harder for thorgan to win pb.
    Altho he is going to borussia i think who are notoriously good for pb i think so he will likely still return a good yield.

  • Altho if they are just changing positions briefly for internationals then his price should rise again.

  • @LuaLua midfielders have higher average scores but strikers have higher peak scores by quite a bit which is why it should be easier for thorgan to win in the midfield bracket

  • @Uncle-G Your wrong. I just checked and of the top 30 max pb scores only 7 are forwards.

  • @LuaLua messi & neymar (kimmich as a defender) have the biggest PB earnings of everyone (neymar missed half games to everyone else so his PB earnings would be similar to messi’s) Messi was .53 per share earnings next midfielder was Pogba on .25 per share so if you’re competing against messi or neymar you’re less likely to win PB, right.
    @Weggers83 has made the best point to me which makes sense on a separate thread

  • @Uncle-G 0_1558174782441_upload-40be20b1-3807-4820-ae0d-9e70ec10b4f5
    Its actually pretty close.
    This is the seasons data mapped.
    Each green dot on that graph represents the pb winners score.
    The average winning score of a midfielder is higher than that of the average forwards winning score.
    There's literally barely anything in it so it really doesn't matter too much.
    The only change that should have a significant impact on price is defender to midfielder or vice versa because of the clean sheet impact.

  • @LuaLua

    Also a forward looks to have won PB for simply being able to tie his bootlaces and run onto the pitch, with a score of about 25!!

  • @Weggers83 Hahha yeh lucas perez. Proud owner of the lowest winning score this year. Must have been a diabolically bad single match day.

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