I've been waiting for this to happen

  • So I've seen the news on Kimmich.

    That's not what I'm going to discuss, so I started a new topic.

    Recently I was doing some research into certain players and trying to find out how the positions of players get changed, i could only really get very small information but I was aware that it could happen very shortly, I was almost certain Kimmich would be one of the victims so steered clear of him,
    However the one player i was truly worried for was Atal, I've noticed he's still classed as a defender which was a huge surprise, wish I'd have kept hold of him but wasn't prepared to wake up to 30% price fall.
    Now I'm wondering if these positional changes can happen more than once a season 🤔

    I wouldn't complain if i got stung because I'm aware that FI are connected to Opta stats and whatever changes with them will automatically change here, not a lot we can do about that.

  • I'd expect it to be once a season.

    I have no problems with FI for this- I do find it odd that OPTA didn't wait until the end of the seasons to update this.

    It happens in fantasy football once a season but obviously you don't play ff in the off season, so people aren't affected by it.

  • Patrick Viera has come out and said he still see's Atal as a fullback. Not that the folks at OPTA would have given a toss. It'll be interesting to see where he starts next season if he's still at Nice.

  • How about Raphael Guerreiro? Played most of the season at left-wing for Dortmund as far as I can see. In fact WhoScored has him playing as a full-back 7 times this season and a midfielder/winger/forward 17 times, with a further 10 sub appearances where his position is not specified.

    Can't believe he hasn't been changed - it's so inconsistent. Hazard's switch to a midfielder is extremely confusing bearing in mind Sancho has gone the other way and been reclassified as a forward.

  • @Andy-M Things change and we have to accept though sometimes the changes may be painful. Bale used to be a defender when he was young.

  • @Victory said in I've been waiting for this to happen:

    @Andy-M Things change and we have to accept though sometimes the changes may be painful. Bale used to be a defender when he was young.

    I'm not complaining mate, it is what it is, and for the people throwing abuse at FI on Twitter i say go and bitch to Opta stats instead, FI clearly state that they are controlled by Opta stats and they haven't done anything wrong, imagine they didn't change and people that follow Opta stats got a head start to sell before FI announced it, now that would be a disaster.

    I say well done FI.

  • @Andy-M

    100% agree. Also feel that if FI DID control all of these things it would leave us all open to them manipulating the market to increase trading and lower payouts. The more our dividends are dictated by 3rd parties that have no interest in who wins on FI, the safer our investments are.
    Those complaining on here and Twitter obviously are not reading/understanding the rules and realising that this is actually a huge benefit to us.

  • Atal only recently switched to an attacking role. He was playing defence until very recently so I suppose a change of position for him might have been premature?

  • @Andy-M I did not mean that you were complaining (I am sorry if I make you think that way). I meant you have a fair point and we actually share the same thought 👍

  • @Andy-M said in I've been waiting for this to happen:

    Recently I was doing some research into certain players and trying to find out how the positions of players get changed, i could only really get very small information but I was aware that it could happen very shortly, I was almost certain Kimmich would be one of the victims so steered clear of him,


    What information did you get from this research as in what factors did you find out factored into a persons reclassification.
    Every thread seems to say Kimmich has played 80% of his games in defence so interested to know what clued you in.

  • @LuaLua Unless you are subscribed to opta in some way you would have no access to anything they are planning. Its not in their interests as they need to keep their intentions quiet so other businesses in the same game don't get wind. If it were me that had miraculously stumbled across information such as that or even had a hunch I would certainly give the heads up to the community as I am sure you would. As far as @Andy-M and @Thatguy are concerned having a third party have the ability to move the market as it did today is not OK its Bollocks. We as investors entrust our money to FI. No one else! and as such outside of normal market movements IE: Injuries, Buys and Sells, Transfer speculation and performance and any of the rules laid out in the Ts & Cs regarding Dividends etc FI are responsible. If they use third parties they still need to oversee any changes and forewarn investors of those impending changes. The more third parties involved give FI more people to blame when things go wrong.Ultimately your money is their responsibility as is the running of the platform so to say OPTA have the ability to update the market automatically is a problem. It was argued earlier that it would have caused a panic sell off if we had been warned .Garbage! You may or may not have been able to change the effect on your port but you would have known about it and expected it. For a company it would have shown respect of their investors and been professional. As it was by not informing us it created exactly that a sell off.

  • @Earshavewalls Yep yep agree with some of that but was actually just asking andy on this thread about what clued him in to kimmich change.

  • @LuaLua Yeah sorry , fed up with people stating we are moaning about the drops, That's not the case. I also am interested to see what Andy has to say!

  • @Andy-M Well wherever you found out the players positions may get changed may be able to tell you if it happens more than once a season.👌

  • @Earshavewalls I didn't say i had inside information ffs, I was doing my little personal investigations because i was worried about the situation with Atal, my information has come from people that are deeply interested in football, mainly geeks that would keep track of stats and player position changes for fantasy football reasons, how the heck could i get inside information.

    I wasn't saying people shouldn't complain, i was saying they should be pissed at Opta and not FI.

    The other thing that i mentioned here or on another post is that people were not complaining about the advantages coming from Kimmich and other players that were making huge profits in dividends because of the false positioning.
    Anyway if you go to Twitter you'll see Mike Bohan has explained that theyre going to try and improve this in the futue and that Adam Cole will make a statement on tuesday.

  • @Andy-M I was saying why would they be pissed at opta as it is FIs responsibility to run and monitor their platform to which we invest. Our investment is with FI not OPTA. If FI were to fold we wouldn't be chasing OPTA for our money. As I said you wouldn't be able to get inside information as to what they were or were not going to do.

    You did however manage to ascertain that position changes were on the cards as you were concerned about one player and didn't invest in Kimmich. You also rather luckily as the title of this thread suggests ,through your research or geeks,contacts etc were "waiting for this to happen ". If that were the case and being a clever old soil would you have not considered it might cause the market to be a little volatile were it to happen and as you wouldn't be able to benefit from that volatility until after it happened and knowing it might would it not have been the gentlemanly thing to do and put a heads up post beforehand.

    Previously there have been posts put up around names of players and players nationalities which some kind souls posted to ensure investors were aware of possible irregularities and issues that wouldn't really have affected the market but they were pointed out anyway. I might be mistaken but you may have actually been one of the said posters very kindly supplying that information. I'm sorry if you feel I have undermined your thread but I was just pointing out that Having done some brilliant research and uncovering something that would have maybe helped calm down some of the panic had it been shared I would .if I were you ,have shouted it from the rooftops and made sure everyone was aware.

    That is of course if you were waiting for this to happen and this isn't just an after the fact thread to garner some attention.

    Not fishing by the way tonight but just trying to work out if you are full of it or have just genuinely overlooked the information you had as important and didn't feel it worth sharing.
    I consider it more than likely the latter as I read a lot of your posts and in general they are quite educational and always to the point so I would be very disappointed if it were anything else but as you know there are many less credible.

  • @Earshavewalls "it's bollocks" get the man a drink. No way should this be allowed

  • @Earshavewalls I have no idea how i could have been helpful, my geeks gave me zero concrete information, they stated that players positions change at the start of the season, which is completely wrong when it comes to Opta stats as we've seen today.
    Plus if i said to people that the likes of Kimmich could be changed to a midfielder then I'd be told to stop scaremongering people, and also everyone is aware that positions get changed, the problem is knowing exactly when it will occur, and hopefully getting a heads up from FI like you were referring to.
    Anyway if you have been onto Twitter and read some of the abuse then you'd probably understand why i wrote this in the first place, there's a huge difference in showing your dissatisfaction towards the way things are handled and hardcore abuse towards FI, very unnecessary.
    Believe me I'm one of the most helpful forum users, and if i can help you or anyone else here then i won't hesitate, maybe the way i wrote this topic was a little misleading, believe me i know no more than the next trader.

    The reason i used the title I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN was purely because of the way we all take advantage of defenders playing in midfield, it's only a matter of time before Opta would change the position, I recall a topic discussing Kimmich and someone questioning if he'd become a midfielder in the end.

  • An interesting point is if there are any people employed by OPTA that play FI? Surely this would put them at an enormous (and unfair ) advantage over the rest if us. I know people who are employed by FI cannot buy shares. I wonder if it is the same with OPTA?

  • @NewUser731 In theory we could go and buy access to opta stats tho i think.

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