Here we go again - market manipulation?

  • Just watched about £300 disappear in 10 seconds.. Sterling, Salah, Neymar and others dropped at the same time within seconds … no user activity.

  • James Rodriguez too... and then aptly straight away a user called the_snake starts buying in 300s...

  • @Vespasian32 Pogba dropped by 6p in seconds right in front of my eyes. Do people not like receiving dividends?

    You are probably right - market manipulation like we have seen a couple of times in the past few months. My port has dropped by over £200 in a matter of minutes.

  • Could also be a touch of panic setting in. Users log in, see Kimmich and Hazard plummeting and being to start selling off other big boys.

    Think I'll log out and come back tomorrow.

  • Mine dropped about 300£...i blamed that on Kimmich and Hazard T.

  • Kroos dropping 6 p in seconds must be a big trader listing to this bollocks manipulation

  • It seems to happen when there is a big change. People already panicking about Hazard and Kimmich are now going to panic on Pogba, Neymar etc.

  • Where's all my money going? Has football been banned or something?

  • Ridiculous, refreshed the port and 3% gone in 15 mins. Can visibly see 7 holds with decreases in the portfolio.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Here we go again - market manipulation?:

    aptly straight away a user called the_snake starts buying in 300s...

    As if he's called himself the snake 😂😂😂😂
    What a dickbag

  • No change for me even I have sancho shares at over 15% of my portfolio, lost another £33 today. Couple of weeks ago portfolio was £180 up on £2000 investment. Now I’m starting to lose REAL MONEY as all that profits gone. Starting to believe I’ll lose at least half of what I put in before new season starts. Yes end of month people will pump money in for second bonus but right after they will sell and withdraw to cream all the new users money from them.

  • I think it is simply big holders playing it safe & listing in the sale queue as a reaction to FI's woefully inadequate handling of the reclassification issue.

    They repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot with their amateurish handling of such issues - to allow 20%+ to be wiped off one of your biggest earners & then blame OPTA is simply bad PR at best but more like total incompetence & is likely to spook many new users.

    That such predictable events aren't handled more sensitively & responsibly just demonstrates the lengths FI still have to go in professionalising their management team, to just think one tweet will suffice when you are wiping £££thousands off many seriously valuable portfolios simply fails to grasp the gravity of the situation. Trust & transparency are essential if FI is going to succeed & events like this morning highlight how far away they are from understanding how important it really is.

  • It's annoying, but we've seen it all before. Look at it as free money, we know that the likes of Salah, Kane, Neymar haven't done anything to justify a 10p drop, so they will bounce back in no time. Best time to buy perhaps, especially if you are after the 5% bonus.

  • @NewUser159387 what would you have done differently? OPTA is an independent corporation

  • Wow all of my money made from this mornings position changes had literally been wiped out

  • @Vespasian32 Was just going to put a similar post, I think they are taking advantage of the Kimmich situation, it makes it look more realistic when a big name has genuinely plummeted, the obvious thing is nobody is selling yet my players are still dropping like flies.
    I tried to sell a share and instant sell is suspected which makes it even more obvious that nobody is selling.

  • I did see a few selling 300 at a time, there will be people who want to leave.

  • @LukeMalla said in Here we go again - market manipulation?:

    Could also be a touch of panic setting in. Users log in, see Kimmich and Hazard plummeting and being to start selling off other big boys.

    Think I'll log out and come back tomorrow.

    Try to sell a share and you'll realise that ain't the case, people can't sell because FI have suspended IS due to the Kimmich drop, all prices should slowly return to normal later.

  • they are seriously biting the hand that feeds them though - going to drive away so many users. TBF if they touch my El Ghazi fund even i'll be out of here.

  • @Ericali

    I understand that but it needed to be handled differently i.e. better - for those not on twitter wouldn't even have noticed until checking why they had lost so much or seen this forum.

    I am not arguing OPTA shouldn't decide or FI use their categories but to just spring it on users with no explanation or warning is amateur in the extreme.

    When you consider how much money holders have lost & also how much FI have made in commission it clearly was a major event & should have been announced before hand, not individual players but that a reclassification in general was to be updated, to allow users to plan. I would treat it like any other financial market when price sensitive changes or market altering announcements were being considered.

    In fact a cynic might even suggest that such panic selling & ISing (which clearly benefits FI financially) was being encouraged with such tactics? Personally I think it's cock up rather than conspiracy but I doubt anyone would care to argue that it had been handled well.

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