Hazard price drop....

  • Hey Guys

    Just seen that Hazard's price has dropped quite a lot in the last 30 mins....

    Has any breaking news happened??



  • reclassified as a midfielder which is bollocks.

  • @AndyP32

    Positional change, from forward to midfield ...

  • @AndyP32

    He’s been reclassified as a midfielder. Not sure it’s actually a big deal on his PB potential (I actually think it can be useful for a N010 or winger to be classed as MID rather than FWD) but it follows general market sentiment.

  • @AndyP32 reclassified as a midfielder.

    There are more midfielders than attackers, so the group he has to compete against for PB has just grown substantially

  • I'm 54p a share down 😥

  • @Zidave WTF 😳😳

  • I think the market has overreacted to this one. Hazard is fundamentally an attacking player, and at Real Madrid I assume he will continue as either a left wing inside forward or a second striker in behind Jovic. He'll be their main attacking conduit, probably on penalty duty, and should be good for 15-20 goals a season. Assuming his PB scores remain impressive, he's then got got no FWD PB competition from our regular hattrick hotshots (Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, Lewa, PEA, Zapata, Ronaldo) who can regularly outscore a Hazard GWG and assist.

    In fact, I'd very cautiously suggest he's one player that he might actually benefit from being classed in the bigger midfielder bracket. He'll still be bagging FWD scores but wont have to outscore the best players in the world.

    My 150 shares have taken a battering but I'm actually feeling quite bullish on this. Let's see in six months... ;)

  • He will be a forward for real so he'll get changed back eventually imo. Money to be made on that uprise for sure.

  • Top 10 PB earners for the season:

    3 Strikers
    7 Midfielders

    Don't understand the drop in both Hazards now they're midfielders

  • @Uncle-G

    Because Hazard now has to compete with those 7 midfielders instead of the 3 forwards

  • I see he has more competition but when the likes of messi, neymar, ronaldo,dybala etc win PB they're Big scores compared to pogba, kroos, thiago etc, i'm not saying i'm right i'm just after a better understanding @Weggers83

  • Just got in from work and seen a bit of carnage has taken place.
    Hopefully it's starting to settle down a little.

    Thing is Hazzard has had this drop but are we still gonna see another drop come the inevitable transfer?

    That will be a double whammy!

  • @Gazz127 I'd like to say his bottomed out but I've said that like 5 times now!

  • @Uncle-G

    One argument is that not every game is played on the same day. Therefore playing on a different day to the top performing strikers is more likely than the top performing midfielders, as there are less of them.

    On a single match day as a striker, Hazard would be up against maybe 4 other forwards (likely to be less) but as a midfielder he will be competing against 8

    Also midfielders will often outscore forwards because they are involved in the game more. They make more passes, tackles, interceptions clearances etc. A good example was in a previous thread when Joao Felix scored a hat-trick but still didn't beat Ramsays score because he didn't do anything else.

    Yes you have some big hitters in the forward section (Messi, Neymar etc) but they are big hitters because they get involved more than a lot of strikers. After these top guys, the rest are easier to compete with than against midfielders IMO. Unfortunately I don't have the stats to back this but that's just my feeling after observing the platform the last 6 months.

  • @Weggers83 best explanation I’ve had & makes sense, thanks

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