Ademola Lookman

  • Linked with Southampton again today by a few different sources. By all accounts nearly went there in January , possibly didn't happen as Everton would have had a harder time getting a replacement in.

    Questions about his attitude at Everton but was never given a good run in the side but usually looked lively when he came on. Interesting that this is the second time that Hasenhuttl has tried to sign him since he's been at Southampton. He managed him for a bit at RB Leipzig and gave him almost as many minutes in that half a season as he's had all year at Everton. Bearing in mind he was a teenager moving to a foreign country it shows a lot of trust in him, which was rewarded with 5 goals and 3 assists in only 576 minutes.

    It hasn't quite worked out for him at Everton but he's a talented player with an eye catching style, he was praised this season by pundits after (I think) they lost to Man City when he came on and caused real problems. Everton paid £11m for him from a League One team when he was only 19 so obviously saw the talent.

    If he does go to Southampton then I think he can really sine next season, he knows the manager and style of play and it seems to fit him like a glove, the manager obviously likes him as well so he wouldn't be going there to sit on the bench. For only a quid I think he's a great shout, especially when you see some of the other players around that price.

  • I agree with all that but you have to wonder if he's ever gonna any dividends. If he starts to show pb potential then he gets more interesting.

  • @LuaLua I'm pretty sure hes won dividends before. His game suits it because he dribbles with the ball a lot and gets a lot of touches. If he plays regularly I think he'd be class but not sure why he hasn't been at Everton cos their fans seemed desperate for him to get a run out last season.

  • Yea he has missed the boat of being a 'prospect' on here and will have to have a wonder season to avoid becoming another Demari Gray, Nathan Redmond, Andros Townsend, Albrighton good but not great type attacker.

  • I actually spent a long time looking at him a few months ago - he eventually called the police and restraining orders were put in place.

  • Great talent. When it’s released he could be amazing.

  • @LuaLua dividends are a bonus but realistically not what drives prices. People will see him on Match of the Day and like how he plays so buy. Doesn't make sense but that's the way of the Index.

    Saying that though he has already won dividends, top forward twice and star man once all during his brief spell under Hassenhuttl! That's better pb returns than, for example, Sane who has played a lot more games for a more dominant team so he does have a dividend threat if he can get regular games. Young and English helps as well.

  • @Joev Well if hes won divs under hassenhuttl then yeah could be worth a good punt. i don't have old pb data.

    Altho i disagree, dividends and the potential for winning divs are what drive prices.

  • @LuaLua is free and tells you about dividend wins as well as a bit of pb data (top five scores and most recent five scores).

    Agree that dividends and future dividend potential should be what drives the market but there's a lot of players that are highly valued with very poor returns or potential within the next 3 years. People own Vinicius Junior because he's a good player, his pb is dreadful and mb is very unlikely while playing in Spain (plus his name means he won't be picked up for a lot of stories). Maybe he'll move but probably not within three years and he's just one of many who are expensive for their returns.

  • @Joev There'll always be a few anomalies I guess. I think he's on a long road to poundland. Same with Felix and and maybe Moise.

  • no chance he will stay at everton, he must hate marco silva

  • I'm an Everton fan and we've been crying out for Lookman to get game time over Walcott.
    20 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Had a bit of a run, but at a time when we were really piss poor!
    Will get time in the U21 tournament as will DCL.
    Had a decent time on loan in Germany and just needs to push on now.
    Sad to say, but I think he needs to move if he wants to play every week.

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