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  • If there's one thing I've learned in my 7 months of FI trading, it's that the market always recovers. It's only natural to get a bit edgy when you see your portfolio dropping but it's happened enough times now for me to be confident that in a few weeks time, my portfolio will be at an all-time high. I've deposited and spent an unplanned £500 today when i saw the likes of Pogba, Salah and Kroos on the decreased list. There's a lot of value right now and i know, just like i have done in the past, that i'd be kicking myself in a few weeks if i hadn't taken advantage. Buy when others are selling, as they say!

  • I did the same I wasn’t planning on putting anything in this month above what I already have but I just had to buy 1k of kimmich

  • @Michael I second that. FI is no different to any other market with constant ups and downs. I lost £600 today but barely blink now. It just ebbs and flows. Give it a few days/weeks and you’ll be out the trough and riding the crest again. Lots of juicy bargains around right now.

  • @Michael while i agree with not panicking when these drops occur, i have ridden out all the previous panic stations. However after today my over profit is the lowest it has been since i joined and i do have a diverse portfolio. It just seems lately that the slightest hiccup leads to mass panic sell offs which i do not seem to fully recover from. I know i should be in for long haul but the constant sell offs and uncertainty is starting to piss me off...

  • @MJDubya what is your port like? I don't think it can be that diverse if you are being hit so hard

  • After fuming at looking my portfolio this morning I’ve gambled and put in more money. I’ve wanted too get on salah and co for a while. Come the start on the season I’ll have a nice profit too take into next season 👌🏼

  • @MrWh1te yesterday I was £102 up but now £85, not long ago I was over 12% up but now just over 7% and the dropping has been like 1 step forward 2 steps back. I have been patient but need to try and remember most are long term holds.

  • Yep, took opportunity to buy Kimmich on the dip and made quite a lot. Will probably keep hold too. Plenty of opportunities even on turbulent days like today.

  • Without wanting to seem like I'm gloating too much, my portfolio is once again at an all-time high. Didn't expect it to be so quick but it just goes to show that a little faith in the product goes a long way. Next time my port is having a little wobble I'll be doing exactly the same!

  • Topped up on sterling £7.72 which was the absolute bottom of his price. Also thought akanji might rise with nations league to come and bought at 89p at 1.38pm yesterday 😁 Cant fit my head through the door at the moment

  • @Michael Stop talking so much sense!!! PS I did the same, down about £600 spent about £400 topping up and couldn't be less worried at all!

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