% drops?

  • I have seen some torrid cash drops, but how is your % drop?


    All things considered, either I got out lightly or people are over-reacting.

  • @MrWh1te I think they are. I’ve got some of the big fallers but actually 0.05% up on the day!

  • I’m down 1.92% today so far, I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed/annoyed that this change of position of players was just sprung upon us. I joined on Boxing Day 2018, and have liked the whole format of the Index and after some early errors seem to be doing “ok”. But why has something like this not been announced as this has had a big effect on certain players. By the time I saw it it was too late, and feel now I just have to suck it up.

    This isn’t a big moan, but just a little surprised this has just happened with very little announcement.

    I’d be interested to see others views on this.

  • @Cookie Agreed it was sprung

    If they announced it, would have had same effect though

  • Up 1.2% today, last two days haven’t affected me. Last week was awful tho

  • Yeah I suppose, it just may have softened the blow slightly. Is this something they do yearly at the end of seasons? Or during seasons?

  • Here we go again. DONT PANIC!! Prices do go down as well as up people.

  • @Cookie
    I am not sure, I only joined in January.

    In that time, what I have seen is several things spook the market. Each time you get a small crash that everyone complains is huge, and then a massive increase.

    This is first time I think people's complaints can be justified though

  • @Harmonica I haven’t made a single move, so no panic. But it seems to me the goal posts have been moved slightly. imo any change like this has to be announced as it can have a big effect.

    *just my opinion

  • I am down a MASSIVE...... 0.62% in 24 hours

    I think I can handle that. Lots of potential G&A tomorrow and Gedson Fernandes is single handedly smashing it for me in cap app

  • I’m showing down but I’m not,threw 1k in kimmich(luckily I didn’t hold)at about £2.10 sold at £2.32 and that’s more than covered any other losses I’ve had just about same number of players rise as I have fall so not been that bad at all for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I joined in early January. My peak was 32% just after the split, currently at 16%. A bit gutted, however i believe my port is strong and my big hitters will rise again, as will my young guns!

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