That Early Transfer Gossip

  • I have been keenly trolling my way through newsnow transfer gossip, twitter, sky sports, metro, bbc etc. etc. looking for that transfer story to break first to get onto some players early...I always seem to see the breaking stories like 1 minutes after they are posted but by the time i get to the player there already seems to be a rise of about 5-10p already...Is there somewhere where everyone goes to find these golden nuggets???,,,,,Just asking for a friend you understand

  • Obviously not Gareth Southgate :)

  • Also if your more than like five minutes late it's often already too late. You might as well wait until pumpers have their fun then get in when the dust settles.

  • I’d imagine plenty of fuckers have bots set up to auto buy players once an article has been detected - same when goals are scored.

  • @Chris-J
    most probably, b365 will probably have a system in place since they have the technology and funds.
    I made a bit on Son a while ago as Korea were about to be knocked out, i Took a two minute risk in injury time of stocking up. once the whistle blew it was instant

  • @Chris-J God iv'e been battling against robots for the last week then.
    It would make sense tho. I got there within 120seconds and he was up tenp.

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